Five Reasons Why You Should Go To Bahrain

Looking for a new vacation destination but aren’t sure where to go? Then consider Bahrain. This gorgeous country that skirts the Persian Gulf is one of the most overlooked places to travel to, with many other travelers choosing instead to visit more popular tourist destinations like Dubai or Qatar. Which brings us to the first reason why you should add Bahrain to your travel bucket list:

There Are More Locals and Less Tourists

Unlike Dubai and Qatar, where the nationals consist of less than 10% of the population, Bahrain is teeming with nationals. As many as 50% of the population are Bahraini, meaning that you’ll be able to get a true feel for the area and be able to enjoy an authentic experience of Bahrain.

Enjoy Scorching Temperatures

If heat is what you seek, then Bahrain is sure to not disappoint. The average lowest temperature never dips below 10C, and even in the dead of winter you can be enjoying above 20C weather. The summer months (June through September) are all sunshine and zero rain clouds, and even off-season there is very little rain accumulation throughout the autumn and winter months.

Fun Water Activities On Al Dar Islands

While there aren’t nearly as many beaches in Bahrain as there are in other Gulf states, the Al Dar Islands have plenty of fun activities to offer water sport enthusiasts. This is the place to go if you want to reel in some fish or fly about on a Ski-Do. It’s also a great place for swimming, and is ideal for any tourist seeking relaxation and seclusion.

A Thriving Art Scene

Many are surprised to find that Bahrain is home to award-winning pieces of art and many other beautiful and exquisite pieces. It’s a fantastic place to visit if you love visiting museums and galleries, and you might be able to get your hands on some of this beautiful art for a low price. Make sure you take advantage of a currency exchange center while there so you can get your hands on some of these unique pieces.

It’s The Vegas of Saudi Arabia
As of 1986, Bahrain has been linked to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Causeway. Being only 15 miles away from Saudi Arabia, Saudi’s now regularly visit this area to enjoy the vivacious nightlife that Bahrain has to offer. With tons of clubs, bars, and great restaurants, it’s the perfect place for people to let loose and party. And don’t worry if you run low on Bahraini dinars, as Travelex are in 25 places throughout Bahrain and they offer handy currency converter services, should you need them.