Byron Bay, Australia

Renowned for its surfing beaches and scuba diving, Byron Bay is a seaside town in New South Wales, Australia. It neighbors Sydney to the north and Brisbane to the south. Byron Bay is a unique tourist destination, it will entice you with its laid-back lifestyle, captivate you with its rural beauty and still exhilarate with its numerous fun making opportunities such as whale watching, scuba diving and just enjoying the culture. 
When traveling to Byron Bay you have a choice of a plane, car, or bus. If you are using the plane there are two airports closer to Byron bay: the Ballina airport which is about a 30 minutes drive away or the Gold coast airport which is around one hour’s drive away at Coolangatta. You will easily find regular shuttle services between the airports and Byron bay. You could also hire a car to Byron bay however; it is worth noting that it is cheaper to hire a car in Coolangatta than in Ballina. If you wish to enjoy scenic Australia then traveling by bus or in a private car is the best option. There are regular buses that travel between Sydney and Brisbane and usually pass through Byron bay, so you could catch one. If you are traveling by car, it is about nine hours from Sydney and just over two hours from Brisbane. 
As one of the top tourist destination in Australia, Byron Bay has well-developed accommodation facilities to cater for any need. Myriads of beautifully furnished hotels, hostels, holiday apartments, and guesthouses are always available to accommodate the backpackers, schoolies, couples, and families who throng the bay in search of fun and relaxation. It is specifically known for providing excellent catering to group tourists. You could get all the latest accommodation information by visiting the Byron Bay visitor center: the official non-profit tourist information center. 
The stunning beauty of this small seaside town should surely give any visitor a huge petite. The surrounding beautiful farms make sure fresh and natural meals are in great supply to cater to the huge appetite. With an impressive range of restaurants and cafes all, the visitors to Byron bay always have the best places to dine no matter the budget. There is a lot of dining options for everyone; there are plenty of kids’ friendly options, and cafes that cater to vegetarians. As is the case in many tourist areas, most restaurants serve quality snacks all day long, so it does not matter the time you eat when you want.
Byron Bay has many attractions. For a typical tourist you will always have plenty to do and see throughout your stay. If you are into marine life you could start by kayaking in the ocean and have a real chance to meet dolphins and turtles. You could also snorkel, scuba dive, or just surf on the sparkling ocean. You could also enjoy a visit to the scenic yet very popular volcanic plug of Mount Warning. Have a day exploring the picturesque countryside as you visit this lovely place. Take photos and just have fun. There are also plenty of waterfalls like the Minyoni Falls, Protester Falls, and Wanagunui Falls all these will avail you a wonderful photo-taking an opportunity. Grab it and enjoy the coolness and serenity of these wonderful places.