Bishop Rock Island

Bishop Rock is just a tiny-most island in the world located within the vicinity of the Isles of Sicily in Cornwall. The rock has a tall building on it, which covers the entire land surface of the rock. Visiting the Bishop Rock means that you enter the lighthouse building straight from the boat that brought you there. The lighthouse is a very old building established in the mid 19th century. No one lives in the lighthouse so it is just a place to visit and see the way the house was constructed from its ground floor to the 10th floor. Bishop Rock also serves as a route symbol for ships that use the North Atlantic route.
Traveling to Bishop Rock Island is challenging because of the stormy waves that occur within its vicinity. However, the only reliable means of moving to the island is by chopper from the mainland or other Sicily Islands with flight bases. If you are coming in from abroad, then arrive at Exeter International Airport, the closest airport to the Sicily Island. From there, seek guidance at the airport’s customer care on how to find a chopper for Bishop Rock travel.
The island of Bishop Rock lacks an accommodation facility, even the lighthouse itself lacks rooms where people can sleep. Thus, tourists are forced to search for facilities in the nearby town of Hugh Town. A good example of hotel accommodation in Hugh Town is Hell Bay Hotel. The hotel features well-equipped rooms, facilities for the disabled persons, some kitchen facilities like a coffee maker in every room, a hairdryer, children facilities, and laundry services. The prices are however high at more than 100 Sterling Pounds per night. You could also find other forms of accommodation like inns and hostels in the town and other nearby towns.
While traveling to Bishop Rock Island, you will obviously think of a place to have your daily bread. There is no worry, but in case you intend to stay long past your mealtime, then it is advisable to carry packed food to avoid hunger on your tour. A popular restaurant that is close to the island is called High Tide. You will find various vegetarian dishes and meaty dishes to choose to eat. The restaurant also has a list of wines to compliment your meals. The High Tide Restaurant management can also arrange for private dinners for you as per the taste you prefer as its customer.
There is much history behind the Bishop Rock Island. The historic facts and the lighthouse itself are the main attractions on the island. On the island, you get to discover the past in which the lighthouse was first built in 1847, but it was washed away by the stormy ocean. Its engineer then rebuilt it into its state as it is in the present and it was completed and in use in the year 1858. The shipwrecks such as those of Falkland and a flagship named HMS Association are also tourist attractions on the island.