An Bang Beach, Vietnam

A Bang Beach is just four kilometers from the town of Hoi An in Vietnam. It boasts magnificent Marble Mountains, ancient connection to the nearby heritage site of Hoi An, splendid white sandy beach, and rich taste of its local seafood servings by exotic restaurants within its vicinity. The nearby city of Hoi An is beautiful and is the globally famous heritage site. The city bears with it thousands of years of ruling history by an ancient kingdom. This site together with An Bang Beach have remained as original as they were with a few facilities added such as restaurants and beach bars to facilitate tourists within the regions.
The nearest airport is in Da Nang, which is close to Hoi An City. The airport connects Da Nang to various places within and outside Vietnam such as Bangkok, Singapore, and China. From Da Nang’s airport, take a taxi ride to Hoi An City at a charge of 22 US Dollars. The reliable and popular taxi company in the area is the Mai Linh. You can contact and book with them to ensure that you find them ready to get you to Hoi An and link you to An Bang Beach. Train service is also available station around Vietnam, but only up to Da Nang City’s station.
You can use trains from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hue, and Nha Trang, amongst many other places in Vietnam. You can also use public bus transport from these places to Da Nang and the old town (heritage site) of Hoi An. From the old town, you can opt to use other smaller public means of transport to An Bang Beach, which is just four kilometers from the old city. 
There are many accommodation options at An Bang Beach. One of the choices for the up-end tourist is the luxurious Temple Beach House. Rental options include the Hoi An House property rentals that have two-bedroom and rented at 450 Dollars per month. The hotels, on the other hand, offer remarkable services and good quality facilities, thanks to the high competition amongst them that has led to high-quality accommodation at low charges. Cheapest options for accommodation charge from six Dollars and slightly upwards per night. 
The food in An Bang Beach and nearby Hoi An City is sure to be of high standards, delicious, and affordable. Seafood is in plenty and designed in the form of different cuisines. Popular and unique dishes to find in the restaurants are: The Cao lầu rice-noodle dish, the White rose shrimp dish, and Wonton dumplings that are served up in soup or deep-fried. The Central Market has many eateries that offer meals and breakfast at any time of the day. 
Bang Beach is a top attraction in Vietnam. The beach is large and lively with lots of fun activities taking place in it. A Bang takes advantage of the short distance to the renowned heritage site of Hoi An, where a large number of historic attractions lie. However, to visit the historic sites buy yourself a ticket through a given coupon system.