San Andres and Providencia Islands

San Andres, Santa Catalina, and Providencia are islands that makeup one nation, San Andres and Providencia. However, Santa Catalina is a tiny island but considered part of the nation. San Andres and Providencia neighbors Nicaragua to the North West, and it is a territory of Colombia. This island nation has lots to offer in its tourism sector, from the nature tours to beach paradise that is widespread around coastal regions of the islands.
Patua is the native language spoken in this island nation, whereas Spanish is an official language while some people speaking English as well. San Andres is the capital city with bustling shopping malls, leisure parks, and resorts. So pay a visit to San Andres and Providencia Islands and have a vibrant Caribbean experience this holiday.
San Andres and Providencia Islands can be accessed by airplane only from few places away from their location. The best way to connect to the islands is by direct flights from Panama, San Jose, Costa Rica, Cali, and Bogota amongst many other Colombian cities. When you reach the island, you can use public bus transport to get to various tourist sites in the islands. You can also rent a private car to travel around the sites.
San Andres and Providencia Islands offers spacious hotel rooms, exotic villas, affordable rental apartments for its tourists. The Sunrise Becah Hotel is popular for its unique luxury condo and beautiful self-contained rooms alongside its other social facilities like a large swimming pool that accesses a splendid view of the nearby sea. Serena Casa is also another facility to check into in Providencia Island. It is located near the Biosphere Reserve, which is one of the tourist attractions on the island. You can also find holiday rentals for a long stay in San Andres, Providencia, and Bonaire Islands, that feature quality rooms and equipment, and peaceful surroundings with shopping centers being a few distance from their locations.
San Andres and Providencia have many restaurants and hotels that you can treat yourself to as you tour this island nation. Try out the technically made fish dishes by Restaurante West View in San Andres, the Canadian dishes, and cappuccino pies by Café Studio restaurant, the seriously professional seafood dishes in the high-end Caribbean Place restaurant, and the Italian cuisine-serving restaurant known as Mr. Panino in San Andres. These restaurants and many more are available and still operating in the islands. In fact, you can look into the selection of the many star restaurants and hotels of San Andres and Providencia only and get to find the restaurants that provide your preferred dishes.
Everything is amazing in San Andres and Providencia. There are many excursions to enjoy from the cultural to the nature tours around the island. Take a ride under the ocean using the submarine ships at the beach, surf in the wind, ride on a horse, visit the historic sites, and the list is endless. There are also large shopping malls where you can find trendy items to choose from, as well as souvenirs that mark the cultural nature of this island nation.