Ronde Island

Ronde Island is one of the very few territories on earth that lack neither a government nor a nation to control it. Ronde Island is a territory subject to investment by billionaire investors worldwide, so it is considered private property. This top expensive island is located north of the Grenada region. The island hosts peaceful beaches and snorkeling activities.
Its stunning, green, massive cover of virgin forests and striking cliffs contribute to attracting more visitors into the island. Since Ronde Island is a private property, it lacks public facilities like eateries to enable tourists to keep staying in the island for as long as they wish except, for the availability of few tiny hotels in the island that can supply you with food.
Ronde Island 2
Due to lack of public transport for the Ronde Inland, boats are the only means of travelling to Ronde Island. This means that you have to be positioned in any of the populated Grenada Islands to be able to find a boat to hire for the journey to Ronde Island.
Ronde Island 3
Ronde Island is a peaceful place to rest. However, it is impossible to spend nights in the island without your own sleeping facilities like a camp without sleeping in the open. Since Ronde Island is a private territory, public accommodation facilities do not exist in it. However, you can find tourist facilities in nearby Grenada’s cities and towns.
Ronde Island
To facilitate the fun in the island, some people have established their private hotels in the island. These hotels are like the saviors if the hotels because you would still have been required to carry packed food all the way to the island, which can be an added expense and waste of energy. The hotels are located away from the beaches, so if you are planning to spend a whole day at the beach, then buy, and pack food from the hotels to carry it to the beach.
Ronde Island features many attractions within it. Being secluded from the other islands makes it an important venue for leisure with fresh air to breathe and less noise by the flirting sounds of the ocean waters. Its white sandy beaches create a spectacular coastal arena that is peaceful and relax-able. Near the shores of Ronde Island, there is an active, underwater, volcanic feature known as the Kick Em Jenny. The interiors of the island feature pristine forests with indigenous, attractive, flora species. You may also be interested in attractions at nearby Grenada, such as the Levara National Park, the historic Belmont Estate, and the White Island Marine Park.