Mount Desert Island

Mount Desert Island is an island located in the coastal region of the eastern side of Maine State in the United States of America. It has many attractions and fun activities that keep its tourists busy enjoying their holiday outings within the island. Mount Desert Island has many attractions to offer for its tourists. These include the Acadia National Park, which occupies about half the Island and conservation groups preserve much of the rest. There are also hiking tours for adventure lovers, within the island. Traveling throughout the island is best done by the Island Explorer Buses. The buses are useful for traveling around villages to learn about the local cultures and safari tours of the Acadia National Park to see the island’s own unique wildlife.
There are three main ways of traveling to Mount Desert Island. The main airport is Bar Harbor Airport, located in Trenton within Mount Desert Island. It is a few kilometers from the main Bar Harbor. People in Ellsworth, Bangor, and Portland can use road routes that link them to Mount Desert Island. The road route used to access the island from the cities is Route 3.
If you are planning to stay in Mount Desert Island for a couple of days or weeks, it is important to book early to ensure that you have secured a room in the available tourist accommodation facilities in the island. Only at most, five facilities provide accommodation to tourists in Mount Desert Island. There are all bed and breakfast inns, and their prices are fair with good quality service and material comfort.
Mount Desert has many joints to relax and enjoy the locally developed dishes. There are many restaurants, snack joints, and hotels to enjoy the delicious cuisines offered within the island. If you are planning to buy snacks for breakfast or a light meal, you can stop by the Morning Glory Bakery for friendly sandwiches and buns, the Reel Pizza for a delightful pizza, or drop at the CJ’s Big Dipper for some shakes and pies.
If you are looking for a suitable place for a family dinner or group dinner, then the Geddy’s is the nice joint located along 19 Main Street in the Bar Harbor. Lobster pound restaurants will offer you varieties of crustacean dishes that you may have never tasted before. If you are looking for an evening out with friends, then The Thirsty Whale is a comfortable place for you.
Tourist attractions in Mount Desert Island include the Gorgeous Thuya garden of native, non-native plants, Asticou Azalea Garden that imitates the Japanese style of landscape design, the South Bubble Mountain, and the Village Green located at the middle of Bar Harbor. On summer nights, there are often concerts on the bandstand, and you get to watch street performers along the streets. Visit the Dorr Museum of Natural History and discover the natural history of the island. The museum conducts yearly exhibits and it has an aquarium to view various sea animals.