Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach is located on the windward side of the Oahu coast in Hawaii. Lanikai Beach is popularly known for its secluded sandy beaches and its neighborhood high-class residential area. Accessing Lanikai Beach from the mainland directly is impossible because strangers are not allowed to pass through the private rich homes’ territories. Thus, the only way to reach Lanikai Beach is by using the paths that run from neighboring beaches.
Another aspect to note about Lanikai is that it is public property but the Hawaii State does not own it. So as a result, there are no public facilities like a parking lot, washrooms, and lifeguard services on the beach. However, Lanikai Beach is a perfect spot for family fun, and it has been the major spot for photoshoots of models during a nice sunny day.
Lanikai Beach can be accessed only by road from Kailua Town and Oahu’s capital of Honolulu. There is an international airport in Honolulu that you can access from any place outside Hawaii. After reaching Honolulu City, use the major highways of H1 East, Kalaniana’ole, Kailua Road, and then finally A’alapapa Drive that will lead you to the junction from where you will find the road into Lanikai Beach.
Lanikai Beach hosts cottages and beach houses as the tourist accommodation facilities in the area. The facilities imitate the western-modern lifestyle, and they are fully equipped with high-quality equipment for a complete room and home set-up. If you are a budget tourist then you can look into other options for accommodation in the nearby town of Kailua. Examples of holiday lodgings in Lanikai Beach are Lanikai Garden Studio, Lanikai Tree House, Lanikai Cottage, Lanikai View house, and Lanikai Penthouse.
Lanikai Beach is just a public place to enjoy all the coastal fun, but it lacks several public facilities. This means then that there are no eateries within the beach. Most tourists find the opportunity to have a picnic on the beach, so ensure that you have packed lunch as you are enjoying yourself on the beach. However, you can still find a food store and a supermarket in the nearby town of Kailua and some fresh farm produce in Kalapawai Market.
The Buzz’s Original Steak House is the most visited restaurant in Kailua Town. It is the best stop to have heavy meals. It offers seafood dishes, plantains, beef, lamb meat, chicken, and varieties of drinks such as fresh fruit juices, cocktails, and quality wines.
It is nice to set out for an outing on a beach where you can hold a picnic with your loved ones. Lanikai Beach is thus a nice spot with the perfect beach arena. There are many things you can do at this white sandy beach, whether it is diving, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or going on boat trips around the nearby seawaters, it is a place to spend your leisure. During the summer season, if you happen to be at the beach, you are likely to get a chance to see model photoshoots conducted at this spectacular beach.