Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani Beach is a huge beach hangout at the Indian Ocean seacoast in Kenya. It neighbors Mombasa to the south, and it is more than 20 kilometers long. The surroundings of Diani Beach are splendid, with jutting palm trees at the coast, natural green vegetation, and the coral reefs at the cost. Diani Beach is known to host high-class tourism facilities. There are exotic restaurants and hotels that offer local and international dishes by professional and experienced cooking staff. There are two shopping centers where you can shop for items at the beach. Diani Beach is also known for being a major location for kite surfing in Kenya.
Diani Beach is a secluded area on the southern coast of Kenya. Due to its direct proximity to the major city of Mombasa, tourists can connect to Diani Beach by road transport using tour guide cars or their private vehicles. If you are coming into Kenya from abroad, try to find an airline that travels to Moi International Airport in Mombasa, then connect by road to Diani Beach, or travel to the major international airport of Jomo Kenyatta in Nairobi City then travel to Mombasa, then finally connect to Diani Beach.
Diani Beach is one of the largest beaches in Kenya. Because of its massive size, it has been able to accommodate enough accommodation facilities for its large number of tourists. The facilities available in Diani Beach and near the beach are holiday cottages, lovely villas, holiday houses, beach resorts, and guesthouses. The setting and quality of their facilities are modern and exotic with some touch of the coastal Swahili culture like the thickly thatched roofing tops for the houses. Some facilities provide Jacuzzis, swimming pools, a bar and restaurant to have your meals prepared.
Diani Beach is the best place to find a good selection of high-quality dining facilities and delightful catering services. There are many restaurants to treat you into such as the Sake Oriental Restaurant that serves a variety of Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. The Kenyan dishes are also served in some of the restaurants alongside seafood recipes.
Traveling to Diani Beach is both a coastal and a nature adventure. You can indulge in exploration to parks near the beach, and to the surrounding waters of the Indian Ocean as you explore the marvelous appearance of the beach as a whole from the ocean in several tours and safaris. Diani Beach has a long stretch of white sandy beach where tourists can enjoy fun activities under the tropical summer sun.
You will also find sites for snorkeling and scuba diving to explore the blazing aquatic ecosystem in the ocean just make sure you join the Pilli Pipa Dhow Safaris to the Kisite Marine Park. Tour guides in Diani Beach can also take tourists to a safari tour in the national parks near the coastal region of Kenya and Tanzania. You can get to visit the Shimba Hills and Tsavo National Parks to see the popular indigenous African wildlife species that Kenya offers in its stable tourism sector.