Alcatraz is a well-known Island in California State of the United States of America. It positions itself in the bay of San Francisco. This 22-acre island is a place for recreational activities and the realization of its importance in history. The island is reported to have been a military base back from the mid-nineteenth century, which was complemented by the lighthouse that still stands tall on the island. You will get to see several other buildings that military such as Cell house, a prison, and the parade grounds. Apart from these historic features, there are natural attractions to see on the island.
You can access Alcatraz Island by cruise only from nearby mainland of San Francisco. Fisherman’s Wharf is the major port for boarding the cruise ships; Pier 33 and Hornblower Cruises. which dock at the Alcatraz Wharf. The cruise tours are amazing because you get to see the island from afar, outstanding, and beautifully blending with the sea.
There are many trendy hotels offering accommodation for tourists near Alcatraz Island. There is hardly any facility within the island, though you may have to carry a tent to use at the recreation field overnight under the permit of the authorities governing the island. Hotel accommodation can be found in the mainland of San Francisco. The prices are more than $90 per night reflecting the high quality of the facilities. Argonaut hotel is a good example located in San Francisco, and it has numerous rooms and recreation facilities for its clients. Other hotels you can check-in for the vacancy are Wharf Inn, Courtyard San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf, Radisson Hotel Fisherman’s Wharf, Sheraton, Hyatt, and Holiday Inn San Francisco.
When you get to Alcatraz Island, expect to find bottled water as the only food in supply within the island. There are neither restaurants nor hotels on the island, but you can still make use of the snack shop within the ferry that will transport you to and from the island. Therefore, it is hard to have a sit-down meal with your group of friends and/or relatives. Nevertheless, you can treat yourselves to the restaurants on the mainland beaches of San Francisco.
Alcatraz Island is a heavily maintained natural feature. It is a clear picture of a beautiful island surrounded by natural life in many colors from the sea to the land. Besides the natural attractions, there are many historic landmarks within the island. Therefore, it is your right to know about the history of the island. Such landmarks include the recreation yard, dining hall, officers club, parade grounds, a lighthouse, and the main cell house. Alcatraz Island is also a place of celebration.
The Indians in America hold their ceremonies during Thanksgiving and Columbus Days on the island. The coastal ring of the island has many amazing natural features like the high cliffs and flower gardens that were established in the past by workers employed in this island. The habitat on the island is also lovely as you get to see many bird species like herons, gulls, and pigeons; and sea animals including seals that can be seen resting at a part of the beach on the island.