Somalia is a simple country that has recently established a peaceful government after years of war and terror brought about mostly by al-Qaeda groups. The country has announced its acceptable government and president, and it is set on to regenerate its economy based on its rich resources and fertile lands it has within its territory. Somalia is majorly an Islamic country that is located at the eastern corner of the African continent. Its location at the farthest East of the continent, as well as its shape bestows it with a nickname, ‘Horn of Africa’ alongside Ethiopia
Somalia has gained massive support on its side of security from the international bodies and some East African countries armies like the Kenya. The officially spoken language in Somalia is Somali, but you may find locals speaking Arabic language. Somalia has just a few attractions to offer in its tourism sector as the number is restricted by the security of the surrounding areas of the tourist sites. 
Entering Somalia can be safe in some ways but risky in others. It is advisable to entre Somalia by airplane and public bus transport. There is a main international airport, in the capital city of Mogadishu. This airport connects Mogadishu to Nairobi-Kenya, Entebbe-Uganda, Dubai, Jeddah, and Djibouti. Airlines that serve international flights to and from Somalia’s airport are African Express, Jubba Airways, and Daalo Airlines.
Another safe option is to use public bus or the 4×4 wheel-drive from either Ethiopia or Djibouti to arrive at Hargeisa Town in Somalia. From Ethiopia, board a bus in Jijinga so as reach Wajaale, which is close to the border between Ethiopia and Somalia. Ensure you have a Somaliland visa that will enable you to be permitted to cross over the border and entre Somali. Take a shared 4×4 wheel-drive car to Hargeisa. If you are coming all the way from Djibouti, board a 4×4 car at 26th Avenue in Djibouti to arrive at Hargeisa after a maximum of 12 hours. 
Sleeping in Somalia can be safe and comfortable as the accommodation facilities are widely available. There are options to select like holiday rentals, hotel rooms, and resorts. Rentals are cheaper options for those planning to stay longer in Somalia. However, there are budget hotels and luxurious hotels whose rooms are fully equipped with all necessities you can require in a bedroom setup. Examples of hotels within Somalia that provide safe and well-equipped room accommodation are the hotels in Bosaso and Hargeisa.
Accommodation hotels are more likely to provide meal arrangements for their clients. However, the dishes found in the hotels and other eateries are mostly meat-based. Some dishes contain beef, goat, chicken, ghee, or sheep meat. Somali dishes are spicy and rice is a common starch that can also be served for breakfast. Some vegetables like peas and spinach are included in the dishes. Fresh fruits can be in the fruit markets, and locally made fruit juices can as well be found in the supermarkets and shops in the town centers. The local tea servings are spicy. Drinking alcohol in public is prohibited for tourists at least if you are not Islam, because taking alcohol is prohibited in Somalia.
Touring Somalia is generally a short course. The major items of attraction to find in the country are based on the culture of the Somalis and the historic centers. The beach next to Mogadishu is a place to visit and enjoy in the cool waters of the Indian Ocean. In case you are a woman and you decide to swim, ensure that you have full clothing as per the Sharia Law enforcement of the country. The Bakara Market displays the local recipes of the Somali as well as their strict culture. The Shanghai Old City is a historic center that reveals the history of the Somali many centuries back, so visiting this city under the guidance of a qualified tour guide will help you learn about Somalia’s history.