Mozambique, Africa

Mozambique has a terrific standoff for scuba divers, anglers, boaters, and beach fans. It is a country located on the Indian Ocean coast towards the south of the African continent, where it neighbors several South African countries including Zimbabwe. It has many of the honorable architectural buildings established by the colonialists within the country during the colonial era. Mozambique features a mostly tropical climate, and it has upheld its African ethnic heritage, as shown by its artistic creations, music, and long preserved traditional cuisines. The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese. However, many people speak English in the capital Maputo and in touristy areas while other languages spoken locally are Swahili and Nyanja. 
Most people visiting Mozambique mostly connect from Johannesburg in South Africa to Maputo. Nevertheless, you can also board an airplane in Kenya, Tanzania, or Portugal to fly directly to the Vilanculos International airport in Maputo. Train transport is also available from the neighboring state of Malawi. There is only one train line, which connects Nampula in Mozambique with Cuamba in Malawi near the border of Mozambique with Malawi. If you opt to use a private car to enter Mozambique from South Africa and Swaziland, original registration documents are important. You can also use a dhow from Mikindani Port in Tanzania to move to any of the ports in Mozambique. 
Accommodation in Mozambique is in the form of inexpensive guesthouses, hotels, backpacker lodges, self-catering homes, lodges, and camping sites. The low-end hotels in Mozambique are mostly located in the rural parts of the country, and they charge at least five US Dollars per night. On the other end of the high-end hotels, Mozambique hosts some of the most incredible, and expensive, hotels and resorts in the world. Tofo Beach, Maputo, and Pemba are the best places to find nice tourist lodging for tourists that can afford high-quality accommodation. Secure campsites are available in many towns at the coast and villages in case their chiefs accept your permission to do so. 
Mozambique has a unique and the most interesting cuisine throughout the southern region of the Africa continent. Near and within the coastal region, a great deal of seafood is used; however, in the inland the maize-based dishes are common with some Portuguese influence. Tap water in Mozambique can be unsafe to drink. However, luxurious hotels provide a fresh water source or sell bottled water. The Cervejas de Mozambique Company in Mozambique is the only beer-making firm in the country. It sells Laurentina Clara and Manica brands of beer. 
Mozambique has a beautiful island resort and underwater marine park known as the Bazaruto Archipelago, which is great for diving. The Cabora Bassa hydroelectric dam on the Zambezi River is one of the top attractions in Mozambique, and it is the second-largest artificial lake in Africa. Other groups of attractions include the wildlife excursions in Quirimbas Archipelago and Quirimbas National Park to the north, the historic site of Ilha de Mozambique, and several coastal beaches like the Tofo Beach along the Indian Ocean coast.