Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau is the best place for tourists planning to visit this destination. Guinea Bissau is an independent nation located in West Africa alongside popular countries such as Senegal and Guinea. Guinea has a current history of civil war that suppressed the economy to a high extent, but the country is recovering from the damage. Overall, Guinea Bissau has lots to offer in its tourism sector, with the great application of its unique, beautiful attractions. The local heritage is also necessary to explore as one of the splendid African heritage surviving in this modern world. Guinea Bissau is a Creole-speaking nation, but the Portuguese language is the official language. The climate of the country is generally warm with alternating dry and wet seasons, between December and April, and between June and October respectively. There are three routes that travelers can use to enter Guinea Bissau. Airplane routes can be used from Portugal, other European countries, some United States of America cities, and Dakar-Senegal. The international airport in Bissau, the capital city of Guinea-Bissau, operates international flights between Bissau and the destinations named, with the facilitation of the following airline; TAP, Royal Air Maroc, Daily Air Senegal, and the TACV Carbo Verde Airlines.
Travelers from Senegal and Gambia can use road transport means to get to Guinea Bissau since the two countries share borders with Guinea Bissau. From Senegal, board a car at Zinguinchor to arrive at the capital city of Bissau. Alternatively, board a public bus at Dakar city of Senegal to travel to Bissau in Guinea-Bissau. From the Gambia, take the route from Serrekund through Zinguinchor in Senegal, to enter Guinea-Bissau. If you love boat riding, then board a boat at Dakar-Senegal to arrive at Guinea Bissau’s port of Bissau or other ports at the Bijagos Islands of the Guinea Bissau.
Tourists can find suitable hotels in Bissau city, but they are generally the most expensive in the country. Other hotels found outside the city, in small towns, are at least affordable. Rental apartments are also available in small towns. The Bijagos Islands also act as the location for fine accommodation hotels that are owned by the French.
Guinea Bissau is a country whose staple food is fish. Many local dishes consist of rice and fish alongside other recipes. Other dishes will replace fish with other forms of meat like pork, beef, and wild game meat from animals like the deer. The local dishes are cooked using palm oil. Fruits are plenty and cheap. The popular local drinks to come across in any restaurant or hotel is the Warga green tea and palm wine.

Places to visit in Guinea Bissau are the Bijagos Islands, the extensive gorgeous beaches, natural forests, wildlife parks, and historic monuments. The Bijagos Islands is a group of twenty islands. The Orange Island is home to hippos, while in some of the other Bijagos Islands turtles can be found. Some of the islands provide accommodation facilities for tourists in the form of lodges. Valera is a tourist attraction popular for its gorgeous and vibrant beaches, untouched pine forests, and an attractive Italian hotel to enjoy meals with loved ones. Last but not the least, the Cantanhez Natural Park gives tourists the chance to see different chimpanzee species.