Guinea is a small African country situated on the western side of the continent. Guinea is rich in useful resources such as gold, bauxite, and many metallic elements, but it still rates poorly among other nations in the African continent. Guinea borders many West African states like Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Senegal, and Guinea-Bissau. Conakry, the capital city of Guinea, is the center of all affairs of the country, but its infrastructural facilities are inadequate. Despite the poverty of Guinea, the country still has a stable tourism sector, thanks to the unique landmarks, world heritage sites, and many other tourist attractions found within the country. Hospitality services such as accommodation and dining services are fine and satisfactory. 
There are two ways of entering Guinea. If you are coming from a far country or even from one of the neighboring states, you can use planes to arrive at the international airport in Conakry. The airlines that operate international flights to and from the Conakry-Guinea are Air France, SN Brussels, Air Ivoire, and Royal Air Maroc. These airlines connect Guinea to far destinations namely; France, Brussels-Belgium, AbidjanNigeria, Casablanca, and Montreal. Visitors from Senegal and Guinea-Bissau can take a car ride across the borders with Guinea, but the journey can be rough and time-consuming due to poorly maintained roads.
Guinea has adequate accommodation facilities for its tourists. They range from the affordable hotel rooms, lodges, apartments, to resorts that are properly equipped. There are well-furnished restaurants and bars in the cities and towns. The local dishes are delicious, and high-quality beef is available at affordable prices. Apart from the Guinean recipes, there are foreign cuisines such as the European and Lebanese dishes that are offered in Lebanese restaurants. A unique characteristic of the dining culture of the Guineans is that they eat from the same large dish of food. Fruits are also in abundance in the market at cheap prices. Bottled water is preferred from the local water offered in the eateries.
Touting Guinea takes you to tourist centers that mostly show the unique nature and wildfire of Guinea. There are significant physical landmarks, islands, nature parks, and historic centers to visit within the state. Fouta Djallon is a nature paradise to hike around, and enjoy a brilliant view of the waterfalls and natural forests within the region. The Loos Islands are the perfect spots for a beach outing. The islands have sandy beaches to enjoy water sports in the ocean, inland forests, and historic centers to learn about the ancient slave trade that used to take place in the islands.

Visit the Niokolo-Badiar National Park and the Upper Niger National Park to explore the wildlife species such as chimpanzees, buffaloes, elephants, hippos, antelopes, monkeys, and leopards, dwelling in the country. Walk around the capital city of Conakry and find hotels and bars that present local traditional dances to their guests. The French-Guinean Cultural Centre presents a variety of artistic performances ranging from ballets, movies, drama, exhibitions, and music. This center is the best place to meet with local artists face to face. Conakry has nice extensive beaches to enjoy a good holiday out and meet with the wildlife species on the same coast.