Ghana is a fine tourist destination in West Africa. It stands out as a vibrant, economically stable country that stars in the artistic globe of the African continent. Ghana can be seen in the map neighboring other West African states like Cote dÍvoire and Togo. It is English –speaking country with a lovely and interesting historical background, on which the formation of the country was based on its journey to independence against European colonization. Ghana was once an ancient African empire, which broke apart but later came together to form the nation Ghana.
Ghana’s capital city if Accra is the major gateway into the country for foreign tourists. Its main airport known as Kotoka International Airport serves international flights between Ghana and other far destinations such as New York (USA), Atlanta, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan, Dubai, Nigeria, Brussels, Istanbul, Addis AbabaEthiopia, Johannesburg-South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Angola, and Tripoli. The airlines facilitating the international flights are Delta Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa Airlines, Alitalia Airlines, Emirates, KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Egypt Air, Angola Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, and the Brussels Airlines. Car transport is possible if coming from Togo through the border at Aflao. People in Burkina Faso can board a bus Ouaga to reach Ghana’s capital of Accra.
Ghana has a good number of lavish hotels within its cities and some rural settings away from the cities. Tourists can either book a hotel room or rent a holiday apartment. There are accommodation websites that show there various kinds of hotels and apartments available in Ghana, so it is easy to select one and book earlier before starting a holiday tour around the country.

Ghana’s cuisine is based on a verity of plantains. It is likely to come across the local national soupy dish known as the Fufu, which consists of yam balls or cassava and fish or goat meat. The soup in every dish is made using a variety of nuts and veggies. Fresh fruits are cheap to afford in the markets, and bottled water is preferable when dining in any eatery. There are also trendy Chinese and western dishes offered in selected restaurants.

Places to visit in Ghana range from the nature parks, cultural centers, to the significant world heritage centers. The Kakum National Park houses many monkey species, elephants, and antelopes. It has a small museum within it and a café providing snacks to guests as they tour the park. Get to meet with the true African heritage at the Eco Village Sognaavilli, which is a local traditional village located on the northern side of Ghana. The Mole National Park is a nice park to meet a wide variety of wild animal species such as lions, elephants, buffaloes, and antelopes.

The park also provides camping facilities for those interested in camping in the savanna park. The Labaranga Mosque is a historic center that houses evidence of the ancient slave trade that occurred in the Ghana region. The mosque itself is old and dates back to 15th century A.D. Kumasi is another center of heritage for the people of Ghana. Kumasi was the initial capital for the ancient Ashanti Kingdom that existed from the 17th century A.D.