The Gambia is one of the complex tourist destinations in West Africa. The Gambia is a tiny country that is bordered by only one country, which is Senegal. Despite its small size, Gambia has a lot to offer in its tourism sector. Many attractions wait to be seen and a good, conducive coastline with fabulous beaches next to the Atlantic Ocean. Gambia’s climate is friendly in that it is tropical so any weather is fine to enjoy a day outing in a tourist site except when it is raining.
Accessing the Gambia is convenient using three available means of transport. Banjul, the modern capital city of Gambia, acts as the airplane gateway into the country. The international airport in the city serves international flights between Gambia and destinations such as, Madrid, Barcelona, Dakar-Senegal, Nigeria, Manchester, Amsterdam, and Brussels-Belgium. Airlines that facilitate these flights are Bellview Airlines, Air Senegal, Slok Air, Spanair, Monarch Airlines, First Choice Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, Arkefly, and Transavia Airlines. However, if you are in Dakar-Senegal, you can board a taxi or your vehicle to travel along the major roads connecting Dakar to Banjul city in The Gambia. Boat transport from neighboring Senegal is also possible by the use of small fishing vessels from Dakar to Gambia’s ports.
The Gambia has adequate accommodation facilities for its tourists. There are lodges, resorts, and camps for those who love camping. The resorts are the luxurious forms of accommodation located on the coast of the country. The camps and lodges provide only the basic forms of accommodation with no additional luxury, and they are common in rural settings close to tourist sites.
When planning to dine in the eateries of Gambia, you can expect a lot from the local cuisine. Some of Gambia’s dishes include the Jollof rice dish that consists of the traditional rice with a variety of veggies and meat. Chicken Yassa is a delicious flavor consisting of boiled chicken, pepper, and lemon. Domoda is an interesting dish consisting of rice and peanuts butter. Drinks you can also come across the local drinks like Julbrew, Baobab juice, and Palm Wine. Alongside these popular local dishes, many western dishes are also offered in restaurants and hotels in the cities and towns within the Gambia.
Gambia’s attractions range from a large number of nature parks to the serene beaches along the Atlantic coast of the country. The Abuko Nature Reserve is located close to the beaches, and it is a place to find monkey species and crocodiles amongst other wild animal species. The Bao Bolon Wetland Reserve is a fine spot for various species of migratory birds, antelopes, and hippos. The Makasutu Cultural Forest is a tourist attraction that stages traditional performances from local communities, and it offers game and boat ride adventures around its natural, untouched, and preserved ecosystem.
The Gambia River National Park is the best place in the country to meet chimpanzees and baboons amongst many other wild animals housed in this national park. If you are planning for a beach excursion, then try out the Sanyang Beach, which is at least more orderly with some water sports facilities available, and the Rainbow Beach Bar that provides a fabulous dining setting and adequate accommodation facilities for tourists who want to spend their nights close to the beach.