Gabon is a tourist destination located on the western side of the central area of the African continent. Gabon is an independent country and it lies across the equator, hence it experiences tropical equatorial climate within its small territory size, roughly the same size as of the United Kingdom. Gabon has a stable economy is rated as among the top developing countries in the African continent, with dependence on its oil reserves and mineral resources; and its tourist attractions. Its modernized capital city is known as Libreville. It has good social amenities, so accommodation is much available and of remarkable qualities that have their respective charges. 
Traveling to Gabon is possible with two means of transport. Gabon has an international airport in the capital, Libreville. The airport operates international flights with the facilitation of the local airline, Gabon Airlines, and other foreign airlines namely; Air France, Royal Air Marco, Ethiopian Airlines, and Lufthansa Airlines. The airlines connect Gabon top France, Casablanca, Cameroon, Ethiopia, South Africa, Frankfurt, and Congo. People from the neighboring countries, for example the Central Republic of Congo, can use road border crossings to enter Gabon. However, the roads at the border crossings are not well maintained, so a high vehicle is recommended. 
Planning for a place to sleep in Gabon is easy. Most hotels and apartments available in the country can be checked out online. They have moderate to high-quality room facilities and other comfortable accessories. The luxurious hotels include international hotel chains like Le Meridian, Intercontinental, and Novotel Hotels. The accommodation hotels will also arrange for meals if paid. In case you are planning to leave for as long as a month in Gabon, then save money by selecting and booking an apartment from the alternative, equipped apartments available.
As you settle in one of the restaurants or hotels in Gabon’s cities and towns, you can come across the local cuisines. The local dishes are characterized by soupy dishes. There are also western dishes available at affordable prices. There are many fruity juices locally made in the country and offered in restaurants, hotels, and bars. The local juice bottles you will find are the Pamplemousse, Ananas, Citron, and the Rehab beer.
Gabon has preserved a large population of its natural species. The country has many natural parks and reserves with thousands of wild animal species. The Akanda National Park has untouched mangrove forests, species of migratory birds, and turtles. Banteke Plateau National park is home to the elephants, buffaloes, and antelopes. Unique, natural plant species are found in the Crustal Mountains National Park. Get to see an amazing collection of flora and fauna species in Ivindo National Park where gorillas, elephants, and chimpanzees, roam around, and magnificent waterfalls and rivers constantly flow across the park. Loanga National Park is situated on the coast. It displays wild animal species such as the leopard, elephant, gorilla, and the monkey species. The park stands next to sandy beaches and rain forests, so the park is a combination of wildlife sightseeing, hiking, and beach activities.