Chad is an African state located in North Africa where the vast Sahara Desert is lies. Chad has a high population of Islamic people though a small percentage of the total population is Christians. Chad neighbors North African countries namely Libya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Sudan, and the Central African Republic. Chad has a rich cultural heritage contributed by its hundreds of ethnic groupings found in the same country. Chad’s capital city of Ndjamena has infrastructural facilities that are well established and maintained, fine and luxurious hotels, nice restaurants, social parks, and tourist sites that make the city a fine place to visit and stay within. Everything regarding hospitality to the tourists visiting Chad is prepared and well organized, from the tourist sites, dining centers, social facilities to the accommodation sites.     Travelers can enter Chad in two ways. The N’Djamena International Airport is the major destination for those using airplanes to reach Chad. The airlines that operate international flights between Chad and most parts of the world are Air France, Air Ethiopia, and Libyan Airlines. These airlines connect Ndjamena, the capital city of Chad, to Paris-France, Addis Ababa-Ethiopia, Mali, Cotonou, Bangui, Tripoli, and Douala. Traveling by car can be risky, and drivers are advised to drive non-stop to avoid being trapped by road bandits. Avoid driving at night because it is when the risk is increased. The border crossings between Cameroon and Chad are useful in that the roads are convenient, but the security issue is considerable. 
There are fine selections of accommodation hotels, motels, resorts, and apartments. Examples of hotels in Chad are Kempinski Hotel in N’Djamena, the Le Meridian Chari, and Novotel N’Djamena La Tchadienne, all in N’Djamena City. They offer a luxurious environment of gorgeous swimming pools, restaurants, bars, and internet access. Affordable hotel accommodation is also accessible in the cities and some rural areas. To find out about the accommodation facilities, take a look at those posted on the accommodation websites to get a good picture of their qualities.
The dining culture in Chad is somehow strict but still interesting. If you travel to Chad, be prepared to et your food without any utensils. This means that you will be eating using your hands in most eateries unless you fall into one of the few international tourist hotel chains. Another thing to note; Muslims in Chad do not accept people eating using their left hands. Therefore, in case you receive food from a Muslim, just use your right hand only. The cuisine of Chad mostly consists of meaty dishes, so vegetarian food is rare to find in the restaurants and the less luxurious hotels.
Chad is one of the largest countries on the African continent. Its size gives the country the advantage of possessing a wide variety of tourist attractions. Lake Chad is one of the attractions due to the vast area of land it covers. The lake is also one of the top largest lakes in Africa. The lake is home to wildlife species like a variety of indigenous birds, crocodiles, and hippos. Other attractions include the national parks, N’Djamena city, and historic sites.