Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy or Saint Barths is a Caribbean island, which is a territory of France. It is a member of the Leeward group of islands of the Caribbean. Saint Barthelemy Island is popular for its beautiful, vibrant beaches, applauding landscape features, gorgeous restaurants and hotels, and shopping centers with top-notch designer items to purchase. There are so many attractions here in St. Barthelemy that bring tourists from all over the world. It is a real Caribbean pearl.

A trip to the Saint Barthelemy Island can be by airplanes and by boat. The airplanes are the small capacity planes, not the huge passenger planes. Saint Barthelemy usually has international flight connections with San Juan, Saint Maarten, Saint Thomas, Guadeloupe, Antigua, and France. Anybody living outside Saint Barthelemy can use the places that are connected to the island to be able to reach the island itself by small aircraft. Travelers from the islands of Guadeloupe and Saint Martin can use yacht-boats to reach Saint Barthelemy Island.

Choosing a hotel room in Saint Barthelemy is limited to 25 hotels. However, there are more than a hundred villas to choose from for holiday vacations within the island itself. The hotels are grouped into three categories of the three-star hotels, four-star hotels, and the four-star Luxe hotels. The villas have one or more bedrooms. Examples of hotels in Saint Barthelemy are Le Sereno Hotel, Eden Rock Hotel, and Hotel Le Toiny. The villas include the Villa Sky Vista in Gustavia and the Villa Buddha Bay in Marigot. However, the hotels available in Saint Barthelemy have less number of rooms ranging from 15 to 70 rooms per hotel.

Saint Barthelemy is popular for its uniquely sophisticated dining designs. It has serious specialization in food presentation and the designing of the dining environment. Everywhere you go within Saint Barthelemy, you can never miss a fabulous restaurant to enjoy delicious meals. The local cuisine is the popular Caribbean cuisine that never misses out forms of seafood. The cuisines are presented colorfully and attractively on a plate. Other foreign cuisines are available including the French and Italian dishes. Some restaurants re found within the city while others are at the beach to find the summer-cool comfort next to the sea.
Apart from its recommendable and popular dining talent, Saint Barthelemy has so much to offer for its visitors. There are many places to pay visits to and enjoy leisure time to the fullest. Get to see the old French settlement site dating 18th to 19th century A.D. This settlement is known as Lorient, and t has old structures like the Catholic Church and old cemeteries.
Learn about the cultural creativity of the locals of Saint Barthelemy at a place called Made In St Barth. Here you will witness the gorgeous local designs of pottery, jewels, and body oils of sweet-smelling fragrance. If you want to get close to and touch numerous species of seashells, then travel to the Ingenu Magras’InterOceans Museum, which has over a 1000 shell species collected from the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The beaches of Saint Barthelemy are useful at any time to enjoy kayaking, diving, boat riding, and many other beach sports.