Montserrat Island

Montserrat is an island nation located in the Caribbean. It is an island that is known for experiencing recent natural processes, like volcanic activity, that have interfered with its affairs. However, that was before the current second millennium and the nation has significantly recovered from the physical interference’s  Montserrat is one of the Caribbean islands that raise the tourism of the Caribbean region to the next level due to its impressive beauty. Its coastal beaches are unavoidable by tourists that visit the island. Montserrat hosts many attractions in its tourism sector along with its heritage sites. The arena is beautiful and its local community is friendly as well. 

Traveling into Montserrat is by way of airplane and ferry-water transport. The John A. Osborne Airport is the major international gateway into Montserrat. It serves only one-way international flight between Montserrat Island and Antigua. Ferry transport is another option, by boarding a ferry in Antigua to arrive at Montserrat’s harbor called Little Bay that is near the capital city of Brades. Thus, visitors from other countries apart from Antigua can pass through Antigua to be able to access Montserrat Island. There is a restriction in the form of citizenship proof and visas from all foreigners entering the island as well.

The accommodation facilities of Montserrat Island constrict of suites, hotels, apartments, guesthouses, villas, and hostels. The quality of hospitality is fair and meals may as well be arranged. However, it is advisable to be ready with your budget for the number of days you will be spending on the island. The charges can be relatively high because of the generally high recovery costs for the natural damage the island experienced in the 1980s, and the high standards explain the expensiveness of the facilities. Check for their charges online and you will get a better view of the suitable and affordable accommodation to aim for and get to once you arrive at the island.
Touring and spending holidays in Montserrat Island gives you a whole chance of tasting a wide variety of seafood dishes and the unique, local cuisine. There are several restaurants, bars, and hotels to enjoy favorite meals around the island. Some of the popular restaurants and hotels on the island are the Upscale Ziggys Restaurant, Gourmet Gardens, and the Emerald Rose. Special dinners for honeymooners can be arranged in some of the luxurious hotels as well as other meal arrangements. Bars are also in plenty so having a night out is possible in the Montserrat Island.
When touring Montserrat Island there are many attractions and places to visit and to enjoy fun activities in Montserrat Island. The impressive landmarks of this island include the volcanic hills of Soufriere located at the southern side of the island. The peaceful white sand beaches speak well on the island. There are sports facilities to keep you up with fun activities like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and boat tours around the island. Little Bay is among the most visited tourist attractions due to its availability of boats for boat riding and many social facilities to enjoy within the area.