Minorca (Menorca)

Minorca or Menorca is an island located in the European region. It is a constituent of the Balearic group of Islands that lie east of the mainland of Mallorca. Minorca Island is popular for its high population of beaches that operate throughout the year and the accompanying beach resorts and fine dining centers to enjoy the local unique recipes. Minorca Island presents a wide range of tourist attractions and the major ones being its vibrant beaches and the historic centers within it. There are three languages spoken in Minorca Island. The Menorquin language is mostly spoken by the locals, Spanish is widely spoken, whereas English is rarely spoken but can be communicated in the tourist centers.
There are two ways of getting into Minorca Island. Minorca has only one international airport that serves international flights between the island and; Spain, Ibiza, Mallorca, Manchester, and London. Airlines serving the airport are Easyjet and British Airways. Tourists from Spain and Majorca can use ferry transport to arrive at Minorca’s harbor of Mahon. 
Minorca’s range of accommodation facilities consists of hotels and holiday apartments. The services and leisure facilities you will find in the hotels include a fitness gym, swimming pools, sauna, Jacuzzi, a restaurant and bar, and conference rooms. The hotel rooms and apartments are excellent and have remarkable hygiene standards and hospitality services. 
As an island, Minorca offers a wide variety of locally designed seafood dishes. There are restaurants and hotels around the island, and their services and food are acceptable so everything is secure in terms of dining. You can also get to enjoy a drink or more at the bars and cafes, alongside the lobster dishes. American and Asian restaurants are also within the island to give people the chance to enjoy Asian and western dishes. Cruising in Minorca is something that every tourist should try. The beautiful Mediterranean scenery is something that will take your breath away. 
Despite the small size of Minorca Island, touring the island is more than a day adventure! There is a wide variety of places to visit, which include the huge, unique landmarks, the historic sites, the towns, and the beaches to hang around in the summer sun. The best point to have a general view of the whole island of Minorca is at Monte Toro. A visit to the Museu de Minorca unfolds the long history of the island dating back from the 15th century. Other destinations are the leisurely plaza known as the Placa Alfons III, which has unique, attractive restaurants and cafes to enjoy the local Spanish dishes and drinks with the locals. If you are part of a cruise around the Mediterranean and it happens that you come to Minorca, do your best to explore most of the place. You won’t regret it.
As you walk around the capital of Mao, get to the center of the city where a gorgeous green park lies with well-organized flower decorations around the park. The Es Freginal Park is not only resting but also a facility to support and stage cultural events of the Minorca people. Within the park is a stage where musicians display their musical talents, and it is a major attraction in the park. A visit to the Xoriguer Distillery gives visitors to the place a chance to learn the way local liquors are manufactured from resources such as juniper berries. 
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