French Guiana

French Guiana is a provincial territory of France. It is located in the Amazon region of South America, and it neighbors Brazil and Suriname. Despite its extensive distance between France and its location in South America, French Guiana is easily accessible by airplane from its governing superior, France. French Guiana has a good selection of hotels to choose from to provide accommodation. Meals are provided in the same hotels and hospitality services are remarkable.
There are four reliable ways of accessing French Guiana from different parts of the world. Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport is the man international airport in the region. This airport connects French Guiana to far places like Brazil, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Paris-France, and Miami. The airlines that operate the international flights between French Guiana and the other destinations are Air Caraibes, and Air France. If you are in Brazil, you can opt to use travel to the border between Brazil and French Guiana then ride on a barge across River Oiapoque.

From the side of Suriname, board a ferry and travel across the Maroni River to reach French Guiana. French Guiana has a wide selection of hotels that provide quality accommodation and hospitality services to its clients. The popular hotels in the region are the Mercure Kourou Ariatel Hotel that is located beside the peaceful Bois Diable Lake, Central Hotel Cayenne, and the No vote Cayenne Hotels. Mercure Kourou Ariatel has 80 hotel rooms and a meeting room for clients who plan to hold meetings while traveling in French Guiana.

The Central Hotel Cayenne has 56 rooms and several meeting rooms. Novotel Cayenne is a three-star hotel that is next to Montano Beach. It has 104 rooms and many meeting rooms. A wide variety of dishes from the local cuisines and the imported cuisines are provided in the same hotels, so making meal arrangements is convenient as a client.

The cuisine in French Guiana consists of farm produce and seafood. Beans, coconut, and fish are mostly applied in the local dishes. Barbeques are also common in most of the restaurants and hotels in French Guiana. Popular dishes to find are the Feijao, which is a serving of beans, and Bacalhau that consist of dried codfish. The luxurious hotels offer international dishes apart from the local cuisines.

Indulge in the natural beauty and heritage of French Guiana by visiting its tourist attractions. The country has a large cover of thick forests and the Kaieteur Falls that are interesting to see and even hike around the falls. This jungle forest is the Amazon, which has varieties of flora and fauna species to explore. The Devil’s Island is also a must to pass by to check out the endangered species of birds and monkeys lying on this island.