Tajikistan is one of the landlocked states located in the central part of Asia. It is an underdeveloped country in that it has poor facilities. Tajikistan neighbors Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China. Its culture is unique and friendly. Even it is not the greatest travel destination here in Asia, it is a country with beautiful natural attractions which are visited by tourists all over the year. Mostly there are domestic visitors, but also people are coming from neighboring countries. Tourism is something the country is trying to improve to increase income and increase the country’s image.
Entering Tajikistan can be by plane, car, boat, or train. The country has only two airline companies that operate international flights. The national airline is Tajik Air and the private-based one is as Simon Air. International destinations that are connected to Tajikistan by these two airlines are most of Russia’s cities, Bishkek, Urumqi, Almaty, Kabul, Istanbul, Dubai, Frankfurt, and Tehran. China Southern Airlines also help in operating the flights by connecting Tajikistan to Urumqi. If you are in any of the destinations stated then taking a flight would be easier and fast to arrive at Tajikistan.
Car travel is also applicable from the Samarkand region of neighboring Uzbekistan to reach Tajikistan’s town of Penjikent. If you prefer traveling using a boat, board a ferry at one of the ports in Afghanistan that are along the Pyanj River, which connects Afghanistan to Tajikistan and you will arrive at the port of Tajikistan. The last option is using train transport from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, or Kazakhstan to reach Tajikistan’s train stations.
Planning to spend your nights in Tajikistan is easy. There is a wide variety of choices for accommodation. Hotels are ranging from low-cost ones to luxurious hotels. The guesthouses can be found in various places, and a program known as the Aga Khan’s Mountain Societies Development Support can help visitors to find their desirable guesthouses. You can also choose to stay in a well-furnished homestay in Pamir. However, the homestays lack water so arrangements for water supply into water storage tanks have to be done before settling in them.
Planning for desserts in Tajikistan’s fine food points can be interesting if at all you love eating meaty dishes. Almost every dish has to have a type of eatable meat for people to enjoy whether its beef, chicken, pork, or muttons. However, if you are vegetarian, some specific dishes lack meat; like the local Qurotob dish. Sometimes you may be required to prepare yourself a vegetarian diet since most of the dishes are served with meat products.
Touring the tourist sites of Tajikistan is fun. You get to see the amazing, huge natural features like the Pamir mountain ranges, the Karakol Lake, the Fan Mountains, and the Zerayshan valley. Learn about some of the historical facts about the country in the old town of Panjikent where you will ruin a city that once existed many centuries ago. You can as well enjoy a nature trek at the Zerayshan valley, and mountain climbing at the Fan Mountains. The capital city is also a place to tour and explore the unique architectural designs of the buildings, the economic culture of the people, their social culture and get to know more about the country through its representative government buildings.