Oman is a sultan-governed state. It is located on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, which southwest of the Asian continent. Oman is an adventurous country with so many tourist attractions o keep tourists busy enjoying their leisure time in the country. Oman is one of the Arabian countries, and its neighbors the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. The social environment from the local people is friendly but s long as visitors are friendly to the customs and lifestyle of the locals. The social and infrastructural facilities are available and advanced. Oman’s capital city is Muscat, which has been the capital even for historic sultan governments in Oman.
Three means of transport can be used to enter Oman. People in India can use Indian Airways, Jet Airways and Air India to reach Oman’s international airport of Seeb in Muscat. Dubai is also a stop for most of the airline operating inter-country flights between Oman and other states all over the world. These airlines include Kuwait Airways, Saudi Arabian Airways, British Airways, Gulf Air, Emirates, Oman Air, Swiss International, Qatar Airways, Air France, Thai Airways, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
If you would like to enjoy a boat ride to the coast of Oman, you can book for a ship ride from some of the neighboring countries that stop at the cruise port of Muscat in Oman. Private car rides from neighboring states have proven reliable. The borders through which visitors can enter Oman are Al-Waiajah crossing from Dubai, Khatam Al Shikhla also from Dubai, Khatmat Milahah from the Sharjah Emirate, and the Dibba border village from the Sharjah Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.
Oman has a wide selection of luxurious hotels and beach resorts, apart from the fine affordable restaurants and middle-class hotels in the cities. Many of them can be accessed online to book for accommodation and agree on terms of charging for their rooms. Oman has plans to expand its number of luxurious hotels so that they are readily available to the high demand from incoming tourists. The cheap forms of accommodation are unique in that they present the traditional Oman style of the bedroom. They are made of palm leaves and they have a hut structure.
Once you visit the hotels, restaurants, and eateries in the capital as well as other cities around Oman, you will find a wide variety of cuisines. The local cuisine is seafood and their dishes are spicy. You may even get a chance to taste the meat of a shark, which people claim is delicious. Other cuisines you will find are the Indian, Lebanese, Arabic, and Turkish cuisines from private hotels and restaurants.
The Americans have also included their taste of cuisine by establishing their fast food joints in larger cities, like the Burger King and the KFC McDonalds. However, note that taking alcohol in public is unethical and could be illegal. Oman is also known for its home bread known as the Khubz bread.
Whether you are in Oman for business, work, or pleasure, thee are interesting places to explore in this country. Oman is known for its wide varieties of rich heritage centers like the old forts that were used in the past as a form of defense. Check out the dunes at Wahilba and the expansive mountain ranges of Hajar.