Vietnam combines a huge variety of tourist sites to be visited including the historic sites that raise this country to a high level in the world heritage list. Vietnam is a renowned Asian country located in the southeastern part of the Asian continent and it borders China to the south. Vietnam is a place where you will be able to find a huge variety of tourist attractions. It is a country that is improving and has much to offer to visitors.
Air transport into Vietnam is available. There are international airports in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh cities of Vietnam. Flights are available between Vietnam and states abroad: China, Cambodia, Australia, France Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, U.S.A, and Qatar. The major airline in Vietnam is Vietnam Airlines. Passengers in Nanning and Beijing cities can board international trains that travel to Hanoi.
If you are coming from Cambodia, use the Moc Bai crossing along the road that connects Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh. The Balung road can also be used to reach Vietnam’s Pleiku location next o the northeastern part of Cambodia. A passport is required when arriving in Vietnam from Cambodia. There are as well road connections from China and Laos, at Dongxing, Hekou and Youyi Guan in China; and from Savannakhet in Laos.
Dining in Vietnam is varied from one region to another. Each region has its sort of dessert. There are fin restaurants and luxurious, highly-rated hotels in cities and towns within Vietnam. The cuisines are Asian with Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisines fused into the preparation of the spicy, delicious meals. Modern desserts are also available including crab dishes.
Arrangements for accommodation are made easier with a wide range of facilities made available in all cities and most favorable towns in Vietnam. There are lodges, high-end hotels, guest houses, apartments, and luxurious resorts. The hotel rooms are fully equipped in addition to leisure facilities like television sets, and meals can be arranged. Guesthouses and apartments are nicely designed and equipped with modern facilities.
Vietnam has wonderful natural beauty and rich heritage to showcase to its visitors. It is an enjoyable experience to discover Vietnam through its attraction sites all around its territory.
  • Visit the Con Dao Island next to Mekong Delta. Its summer climate is undeniable, and it is coupled with many water sports happening in the ocean and boat riding in the sea.
  • The Cuc Phuong National Park has a beautiful array of a wide variety of flora and fauna species most common in Asia than in other parts of the earth. Besides the wildlife, there is a chance to learn about Vietnam’s tribe: the Muong Hill tribe still in the national park where its culture is well displayed.


  • Check out the Hindu ruins that are an important heritage site in Vietnam. Kontum reveals the cultures of many minor ethnic tribes living in this town.
  • Hue is a beautiful site. It initially served as the capital city of Vietnam before the supremacy was transferred to Hanoi. Monumental sites in this city are historical tombs, an ancient palace, and the citadel.