East Timor

East Timor is one of the island countries in the eastern end of the great Pacific Ocean. East Timor lies at the eastern side of the Timor Island and also occupies the northwest portion of the island. The East Timor territory also includes tiny islands of Jaco and Atauro. Timor Islands are members of the lesser Sundagroup of islands that neighbor Australia to the northwest. East Timor’s attractions are beautiful with nice rocky beaches, amazing landscapes,s and memorable monuments waiting to be seen by its visitors. East Timor’s capital city is Dili that serves as a major gateway into East Timor. 
East Timor has only one international airport known as the Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport that is served by many international airlines.
· The Air north airlines serve flights between Dili and Darwin-Australia.
· Air Timor Airlines – between Singapore and Dili
· Merpati Nusantara Airlines – between Dili and Bali-Indonesia
· Batava Airlines – between Bali-Indonesia and Dili.
Entering East Timor by land can be through Motaáin border crossing from Indonesia, the Sale crossing, the Bobometo crossing, and the Wini crossing. Buses can be boarded at Kupang-West Timor to Dili. Ferry transport for vehicles is available from Surabaya, Bali, and Darwin in Australia.
Accommodation facilities in East Timor are in the form of hotels, guest houses, convents, and camps. Dili has several fine hotels, but outside the city there are only two hotels in Com and Baucau. Dili’s hotels offer a wide range of prices to favor even low-income groups.
East Timor’s dining style is spicy and recruits rice is the local dishes. Dili has lots of fine restaurants. International dishes are also offered in restaurants. Traditional recipes in East Timor are frequently served with fruits like watermelons, coconuts, papayas, and bananas.

Tourist sites to visit in East Timor are:

· Ainaro – -This is home to one of the highest mountains in East Timor, Mt Ramelau. The environment is fresh and beautiful, and trekking is possible within this region
· Aileu – -This place has amazing scenery and it bears the history of the region. It was the first market area for the Portuguese. Many ancient structures still stand in this region.
· Maubara – -This is a famous name for a place of extensive beaches of East Timor. The beaches are rocky, nice sunny climate, the cool sea, water sports facilities, and there are remains of old structures that were established by the Portuguese several centuries ago. The buildings in this area reflect architectural designs adopted from the Portuguese and the Indonesians.
· Baguia – -This destination is blessed with natural beauty and a beautiful ancient castle. The Matebean Mountain is found in this region. Hiking is common and the trip to the castle reveals some history about the country.
· Dili City is a fun place to walk around. There are resting parks to even have a picnic with your loved ones, restaurants to try out the East Timor cuisines, monuments to visit, and so many significant structures waiting to be seen.