The Slovak Republic a country situated in Central Europe and borders Poland to the north. The capital city is called Bratislava. And the official language is Slovak which is a member of the Slavic language family. Slovakia is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination within the European Union thanks to its rich history and ravishing natural beauty. 
Tourists can choose to enter Slovakia by air transport. There are only two important airports within and around the capital city: Bratislava airport and the Vienna airport which is about 35 km from the capital city. Other important airports are located in Prague, Tetra, and Budapest.
Traveling by train is very well developed and might be the number one mode of transport especially when you are touring the former Czechoslovakia i.e. visiting both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. There is an electric train every two hours from Prague to Bratislava and Zilina and a daily train from Prague to Banska, Bystrica, Kosice, Poprad, and zvolen.
Trains to other countries include 3 daily day time trains and one overnight train from Berlin to Bratislava, the hourly operated regional express from Vienna to Bratislava, and the overnight train from Warszawa to Bratislava. You could also arrive in Slovenia aboard a bus. Regular bus services from Vienna, Prague and Budapest to Bratislava are a common phenomenon. Buses are favored by tourists who would like to have a look at the great landscape as they travel since buses are much slower than trains although very comfortable.
Slovakia boasts some of the most developed catering facilities for tourists in Central Europe. The accommodation facilities come in various forms from prestigious hotels, luxurious exclusive resorts to hostels, and homely accommodation. In all major cities, you can easily find accommodation facilities by asking or consulting local travel agencies.
When on a safari in Slovakia the capital city, Bratislava is always the best place to start exploring this beautiful nation. The city, a historic center, is dotted with numerous Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance churches, places, houses fountains and cobblestone. Visitors are always mesmerized by the unique architecture that preserves the ancient taste of shelter of the past centuries. There are many museums where you can visit and walk down Slovakia’s memory lane.
The Slovak Paradise National Park is another great attraction where you can visit do lots of fun activities The Park is made up of deep ravines and canyons, with ever-flowing waterfalls. The park is a great site for hiking, strolling, and nature photography, this is due to its uniquely beautiful surroundings. Another important national park is the Slovak Paradise National Park which is an astoundingly lovely little mountain range neighbored by canyons, rivers, and waterfalls.
Visit some of the numerous architectural masterpieces from the past. Slovakia has one of the largest numbers of castles and chateaux the most popular with tourists is the Spiš Castle, which is thought to be the largest in Central Europe and the Bojnice Castle, which was built in the 19th century.