Liechtenstein is officially known as the Principality of Liechtenstein. It is a small landlocked and German-speaking alpine country located in Central Europe. Liechtenstein is situated in the Upper Rhine valley of the European Alps and it borders Switzerland to the west and south and Austria to the east. Its capital is called Vaduz but its biggest town is Schaan. It is the only country that lies within the Alps mountain ranges that extend across many states in Europe. Liechtenstein is ruled under constitutional monarchical laws and it is governed by a prince. Most of the Liechtenstein terrain is mountainous which a significant advantage is as it makes the country a great winter sports destination.
Traveling to Liechtenstein is only by train and road since there is no airport to arrive in the country. Thus, tourists have to board an airline whose destination is an airport in the neighboring countries, from where they can take a train ticket to the major train station in Liechtenstein. However, visitors from very far away can fly to Zurich airport in Germany which is about 115 Km away. Visitors could use airports in Vienna and the St Galena airports in Austria. You can then travel by bus or train upon landing. You can catch the number 12 bus from Sargans station to Vaduz. 
There are not many accommodation facilities in Liechtenstein, and the country being a tax heaven the available facilities are a bit expensive. However, this should not worry you as you can easily get cheaper, quality accommodation across the border in Switzerland or any other neighboring country. 
When visiting this lovely European country it can be enjoyable to start your exploration in the capital, Vaduz. The capital city is famous as the major shopping center in the country. You could visit the restraints and sample some of Liechtenstein delicacies, pas by the souvenir shops, and buy yourself a worthy souvenir. The ski museum within the city is also an excellent destination worth exploring. 
While in the capital city visit some of the countries important museums to learn more about the history and culture of the country. Visit the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein museum, which is the largest museum in the country and an international museum of modern and contemporary art boosting of a large international collection of art. Liechtenstein National Museum has a large collection of exhibits reflecting the ancient history of Liechtenstein kingdom and many other modern exhibits. Liechtenstein Museum is the best place to learn about the pure culture of the Liechtenstein people. 
Overlooking the city of Vaduz is the Schloss Vaduz – the imposing historical castle which serves as the home of the royal family. This is a lovely site for taking pictures. You could also enjoy viewing the castle from up close. 
The beautiful countryside offers the best opportunity for hiking biking mountaineering. During winter, skiing and snowboarding are the major fun activities. 
The theater and music festivals are also two key attractions in Liechtenstein. It is fun to attend concerts and events such as the annual Guitar Days and the International Josef Gabriel Rheinberger Society which plays in the capital Vaduz.