Kosovo is a new country located in South-Eastern Europe. It declared its independence in 2008 amid protest from Serbia and it is only recognized by 91 of the 193 member states of the United Nations. The largest city is also the capital city is called Pristina and most people speak both English and German and are always willing to help. 
The British Airways, the Turkish airline, Bell air, Croatia airline, and Australian airline are among many European airlines offering direct flight to the international airport of Pristina. Adria Airlines has on its part established a regional hub in Pristina. Traveling during the summer season is flexible as additional charter flights are available for travelers. If traveling by train, you can come in from Skopje in Macedonia on the daily Skopje-Pristina train. Another daily train is from Serbia through Leshak and Fushe Kosove. If you fancy seeing the countrysides then take a bus from Montenegro and travel through Rozaje to Peja. Alternatively you take a bus from Macedonia to Prishtina. You could also cross at the Presevo Valley in Serbia.
Accommodation in Kosovo is relatively easy to find as long as you have an internet connection so you can browse several online hotels and accommodation listings. You could also accommodation in rural homes if you have a contact or seek help from some of the tourist agencies that help organize home accommodation. It is worth noting that accommodation in Kosovo is a bit expensive compared to surrounding countries. Since Kosovo is a tiny country, you could get cheap accommodation in neighboring countries such as Serbia and Macedonia.
Kosovo is an attractive country and has a lot in store for tourists. The first destination for any visitor must be the capital city pristine. While unwinding in the city, you could visit the National Museum of Kosovo which shows cases of important archaeological artifacts and tells the rich history of the country through artifacts, paintings, works of art, and photos. You will also love a visit to the Ottoman Empire mosque which offers great insights into the religious activities of the time.
About 2km to the northwest of the Peja lays the Peć Patriarchy, which was the seat of the Patriarchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church as from 1302 It is such a lovely sight; a monastery with many spectacular paintings. A visit to this monastery will delight you.
Also to the northwest of Peja is the Rugova Gorge which extremely steep walls reaching possibly up to 300 meters. This is an excellent hiking site that anyone dying to go hiking can’t miss. You will have fun walking along the canyon or trying to climb the walls.
The Waterfall of the Drini River is located to the north of Peja right next to the Berdynaj village. Drive through some of the most fantastic sights on your way to this picturesque waterfall. At the winter-fall, you can hike stroll or just enjoy a walk along the river banks.