The Republic of Panama is a Central American state bordering Costa Rica to the west, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Its capital city is called Panama City. The country was a Spanish settlement from the 16th century up to 1821 when it joined Nueva Granada, Ecuador, and Venezuela and became known as the Gran Colombia. On 3rd November 1903 it seceded from Colombia and became a republic.
The most dominant geographical feature in Panama is the central spine of mountains and hills that form the continental divide. Panama enjoys a tropical climate with no seasonal variations. The tropical climate supports an abundance of plants. Forests are the dominant vegetation but, there are patches of grasslands, scrub, and crops. Mangrove swamps occur in places on both coasts.
Panama’s top tourist destination, Bocas Del Toro is an archipelago with islands, aqua blue waters and palm-lined beaches set against a backdrop of rain forests. Some of the activities to enjoy are; boat tour to different islands for beaching, Scuba diving, snorkeling, and rain forest treks and cave exploration. You can also stay at one of the magnificent hotels at Bocas’ colon island; have a meal at the hotel or in one of the restaurants.
A stroll through Casco Viejo will let you marvel at the Spanish colonial legacy the canal passage history. You will be able to compare the architecture of the beautifully restored and the gloomy unrestored buildings of the past centuries. There is also an array of restaurants selling some of the famed Panama delicacies.
The amazing Chiriqui province is located to the west of Panama bordering Costa Rica. You can take part in the famous rafting and river kayaking, visit la Amistad International Park or the volcano Baru National park and have fun on the bewitching beaches.
Boquete is a flower-filled mountain valley of the volcano Baru Mountains, the beauty of this valley can not be matched. Ravishing waterfalls, thrilling maintain views, coffee farms and it is an ideal hiking site. The Boquete is also an important bird viewing center with the presence of the resplendent Quetzal, the rarest bird in the Americas.
Peal islands lie just a few kilometers from Panama City out in the ocean. It takes about 15 minute’s plane from Panama City to the exotic pearl islands. The pearl islands archipelago offer one of the most charming marine life study opportunity. The beautiful white sands on its beaches and the ambient environment offer one of the most relaxing environments when on holiday. Diving and fishing are some of the popular activities for tourists.
Talk of World-class surfing, diving, and sport fishing while in Panama and the Azuero Peninsula comes to mind. The charming white sand beaches are also a great attraction. After taking part in all these activities the place to enjoy a beautiful life is no other then Pedasi the little town at the center of the Azuero Peninsula. The Padasi town has various accommodation facilities and eateries ranging from street cafes to five-star hotels. All the restaurants and exotic hotels serve excellent Panamas’ delicacies and several foreign dishes.
Panama is one of the world greatest holiday destinations. A Latin American country, Panama has one of the world riches culture. The most famous features are the canal, amazing world life, amazing rain forests, and friendly people. It’s only in Panama that you can see and anything that can be done and seen on a holiday trip. There is surfing, kayaking, rafting, hiking, trekking in the rain forests, scuba diving, and sport fishing just to mention but few.