Why I went to London!

London is a beautiful place, especially in summer; most people prefer to go there then. On the other side, I had to go there – I needed a lot of work done on my teeth. For other people, they may have been okay, but my beauty is the most important thing for me. The place to go to for treatment was Harley Street in London.     Harley Street is in the middle of London near Oxford Street and Marylebone Road. There are many famous institutions in Marylebone including the Cricket headquarters. What many do not know is that it is also the center of the private medical industry and many famous doctors, dentists and surgeons have made it their home. Even the world-famous British Medical Association is there.
Since it is in central London, it also met my other reasons for traveling to London. It is close to many famous shops, restaurants, and hotels. I am sure you know why I was so interested in them. I love seeing how the British customers behave with other customers, management, waiters and waitresses, cab drivers, etc. On the surface, all aspects of London life seem very serious and professional. I felt I had to go there for my dental treatment.
Harley Street doctors are well known all over the world. If you go through the Internet, you will find dozens of them. What is not so well known is that it is also a center for girl’s education. Queen’s College is an independent school for girls between 11 and 18. This was founded in 1848 and it was the first college to give academic qualifications to women. I was proud to see this – I am a leader of women among the people that I move with.
I was born with some defects and I have had it confirmed by local dentists. I had to get it treated; it has to be by the best in the world – Harley Street dentists. They need state of the art facilities for treating their upper-class clientele. They also need the best equipment and the newest technology from all over the world. As a result, costs increases, but I had to get the best in the world. My smile had to be perfect I was more than happy to pay the price.
The problems that I had were:
-My teeth were not white (after all, I have been using them for 44 years)
-Some of my teeth had lost their crowns and they had to match other teeth
-The fillings I had were dark and unsightly with some teeth missing on my left side
My smile had to be perfect and for that, I needed an instant smile makeover. This included Teeth whitening, new crowns, CEREC, and dental implants.
After my much-anticipated treatment, I felt exhausted, probably because of the nervous energy I had built up over the past few days. I had been surprised at how little I had felt throughout the whole treatment. The clinic was spotless, the staff was so kind and the dentist was very professional. All in all a fantastic dental experience.
So my weekend had come to end, I had stayed in a wonderful hotel, eaten superb food, shopped until I could shop no more and came home with a Hollywood smile. There is no denying it, London is a magical place.
Author Bio – Jonny Webber lives in Manchester, England where he works as a freelance writer creating content about health, travel and cosmetic surgery. Follow him on Twitter by clicking @Jonnywriter.