Japan is an undeniable tourist destination with varieties of attractions to offer to its visitors, warm welcoming attitude of its people, its powerful lengthy history, and admirable traditional culture. This nation’s islands are located on the eastern side of Asia, bordering China and Taiwan. Japan is undoubtedly the most modernized country on this planet airing the latest advances in all fields of technology and has top-notch infrastructural facilities. You will find that one day isn’t enough to explore the Japan islands, so there is much more adventure on the way. 
Japan’s diverse history dates back to those periods before eve the formal calendar was formed. Japan has long been inhabited by its native Japanese. These people used to rely on hunting and fishing as their source of livelihood. Later in the fifteenth century these people united to form a centralized Yamato Japan Nation in Yamato Province. The Japanese had a highly organized culture especially their strict religious customs in respect of their Buddhism religion. 
When you visit Japan today, you will find several historical sites, old buildings that were built thousands of years ago, old towns and monuments. To mentions just a few of the popular sites are: The monument established to honor the first emperor. Visit Tokyo Museum and see the long history of Japan detail to detail in an interesting way. Other historic sites that stand for recent events like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing have their memorial places. Nagano is a place remembered for the global winter competition of the twentieth century. Other items are the cultural materials like the colorful robe dressing, the unique dishes, and the widely invented pottery artistry. 
Japan is not only a historic country but also serves as a tourist attraction using the natural beauty that Mother Nature has abundantly bestowed to it. Check out the wide varieties of species of plants and animals in the national parks. The mountainous landscape is a must to pass by, go hiking, snowboarding skiing, and get close to the most beautiful appearance of the vegetation of this interchangeable cool to warm weather highland. 
Since Japan is made of a number of islands, it thus has many extensive beaches to stick to the sunny weather and warm waters of the sea during the summer. Enjoy snorkeling in the sea to view the diverse marine environment of unique plants, fish, and other sea creatures. Kamakura is one of the coastal towns that are mostly visited for its location of a temple where a great statue of Amida Buddha is erected. Take a cultural tour around Japan and you will every bit of the famous Japanese culture. Other destinations you shouldn’t miss in Japan are Kyoto and Hokkaido, some of the best tourist attractions on the island.
Japan has world-class accommodation and varieties to choose from. There are the executive beach resorts, holiday houses, quality hotels, lodges, and restaurants. There are clubs that operate all night long. The dishes are unique and rich in delicacy. Cultural dances are held occasionally in some hotels. You just have to book a room in the accommodation facilities available, pay their affordable fees, and begin to settle safely every time you rest from a long day of adventure in Japan.