Colombia is a country best known for its impressive creativity in different artworks, lengthy history, extensive natural vegetation, diverse wildlife, and many more adventures waiting to be discovered. Blessed with abundant resources and a hardworking population, Colombia is a technologically advanced country with well-established infrastructure and a balanced economy. Colombia is a large country in the northern part of the South American continent. Its capital city is Bogota where international tourists highlight to venture into the wonders of Colombia and enjoy their adventure. 
The popularity of the land of present Colombia began in the pre-historical times when it was a habitat of many indigenous communities one of them known as the Chibchas. The Spanish attempted to colonize this land against the violence of the local tribes but in the early nineteenth century, Colombia managed to gain its independence and became a republic. Presently, Colombia preserves marks of its historic events that now serve as tourist attractions.
Find the old architectural buildings in Cartagena, which were established by the Spanish before Colombia attained its liberty. There are several museums you can pass by in Colombia to see more of Colombia’s history and many interesting archaeological findings. The Oro Museum shows all the aspects of Colombia’s historic culture involving their decorative textile and ceramics. Ciudad Perdida is one of the oldest sites that were thriving urban centers during the historic times, but lies as a lost city in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. 
Colombia is eternally a nature-loving country with over fifty regions protected for their rich diverse natural living species. Visiting Colombia is entering into paradise. There are thousands of animal species that live in Colombia as their loving home. The forests are many no wonder the arena of this region is fresh. The Colombian region is a diversified form of landscape composed of highlands, massive forest cover, deserts, savannas, plains, and an extensive coastline. Visit the Andes Mountains and pass by the thermal floors that reveal the steps of the volcanic process that took place many years ago. The Amazon is a large, dense vegetation area with huge, tall evergreen trees and wild animals. Many more natural attractions are in the different national parks you will be guided to by the available nature tours. 
The Caribbean and Pacific coastal beaches of Colombia are abundant and you will always find a reason to stop by and have fun under the sunny weather, cool waters, the breeze, diving, swimming, surfing and snorkeling into the sparkling, beautiful, Caribbean sea to discover the colorful marine environment. At the coast there are natural mangrove forests, cliffs, coral reefs and lagoons. 
Colombia has world-class accommodation and varieties to choose from. There are the executive beach resorts, holiday houses, quality hotels, lodges, and restaurants. There are clubs that operate all night long. The dishes are unique and rich in delicacy. Cultural dances are held occasionally in some hotels. You just have to book a room in the accommodation facilities available, pay their affordable fees, and begin to settle safely every time you rest from a long day of adventure in Colombia.