Malta is an interesting travel destination located in the Mediterranean Sea, southern Italy, right bellow Sicily. The Republic of Malta is a very popular place to go for travelers that are coming from Great Britain, mostly because the official language in there is English alongside with the Maltese language. Another reason why many travelers spend their holiday in Malta is because this is the safest place in Europe. Recent research in April 2012 showed that the capital city of Malta, La Valletta is the safest place in Europe, with the lowest crime rate in the continent. That is one reason more why travelers come here for a vacation. 
Another thing why this place is special for tourists is the mild weather which is not so hot during the summer and pleasant when it is out of the summer season. The average temperatures during the year are 20 °C and Malta has the most sunshine hours during the ear in Europe, over 3000. That is twice more than the western European cities. During the summer the temperature is not more than 35 degrees which makes it pleasant and perfect for people who enjoy being on the beach.
Malta is formed by three major islands – Malta, Comino and Gozo, and 15 smaller islands. Only the three larger islands are inhabited. They are as well the main travel destinations in the country. The landscape of Malta is mainly formed by fields and low peaks and most attractive are the amazing bays formed by nature all around the coastlines of the islands. One of the most popular is St. Pauls Bay, which is most likely the most popular resort in the country. 
The cities in Malta are something you will be amazed of. The cultural and historical treasure is everywhere. The most popular city is the capital of Valletta. There is a part of the history in every corner in the city. Beautiful ancient cathedrals, stunning palaces, magical churches, and many other attractions are found in this sixteenth-century walled city. A walk around the safest city in Europe is something that will make you feel both astonished and relaxed. Don’t miss to visit the Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens, built in the 16th century for the private use of knights of Italy. The view of the awesome Grand Harbour is available there. It is something you should not miss when you are there on a vacation. 
If you are seeking for a nice sandy beach, you should go to Golden Bay and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Mellieha is another place to go if you like to work on your tan and swim in the sea. There are plenty of tourists and places that are offering any kind of entertainment so you will not be bored. While you are there you can enjoy different types of water sports, take some tours around the islands or take a breath in some of the bars around the beaches. 
The most attractive place for travelers in Malta is the Blue Lagoon Bay. There is no way to go in Malta and not see the beauty of this bay. This is the most popular place for travelers that are looking for a place for snorkeling, swimming, and diving. It is located between the islands of Comino and Cominotto. The white sandy beach and the crystal clear water are the reason why almost every traveler comes to the Blue Lagoon. Many boat tours are going through this place and they are the most popular in the country.
Malta is one of the hotspots for tourists to use their stay to enjoy the culture and to learn the English language. The sunny island is a great destination for combining a wonderful holiday with improving English language skills. Malta provides the ideal surrounding for a lasting English experience, as the teaching standard is very high, and Maltese people are English native speakers. A variety of international English language schools provide professional English language courses for students in all language levels from all over the world. In combination with a stay at a host family, students have a great opportunity to not only improve their English language skills but also get to know the friendly Maltese people with their impressive culture.