Capri Amalfi Coast

The village center of Anacapri is based high on the west plateau of Capri. A nice little village built entirely of houses painted in white and olive green. Anacapri is built around the eighteenth-century Church of San Michele. The village is above all a place to relax, traditionally opposite the wild sophistication of Capri.
Capri, the island of lovers
Capri is without a doubt the most romantic Italian island, which offers tourists beautiful and rare views. The presence of celebrities and international jet setters has helped to create an image of the island as a sophisticated and glamorous place.
Slopes overlooking the sea, with caves of all dimensions, of which the most famous is the Blue Cave, characterizing the island. If you can rent a yacht you will be able to see the most beautiful places of this splendid island, with really unique panoramic views.
With a boat into the Blue Cave
The most famous place to visit while you are in Capri is the Blue Cave (Grotta Azzurra). The cave is 60 meters long and 25 meters wide, and it’s spectacularly particular. The color of the bottom is blue, it is a natural effect caused by the sunlight that enters the cave through a large underwater tunnel.
The line of tourists waiting to get into the small boats to take them into the cave is always long, but don’t be discouraged: leaving Capri without admiring the Blue Cave is unforgivable.
Capri and the Piazzetta
To go up to the Piazzetta of Capri, you are obliged to take the legendary funicular opened in 1907, it travels 142 meters up in less than four minutes. As the traditional meeting place of the island, all the famous people that are on holiday on the island meet there. Actors, models, celebrities, entertainers. It’s impossible not to stop.
Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp
Before reaching the maritime center of the southern coast of Capri you must visit two other strategic locations of the main city. First, the Augustus’ Gardens, a large green area located on a belvedere overlooking Marina Piccola. Here you can take the famous panoramic road as a path that leads towards the sea made by the German steel tycoon Krupp. 1.3km long, Via Krupp, is considered one of the most beautiful routes in the world. By following this descending road and enjoying the view overlooking the Faraglioni you will arrive, in the blink of an eye, in the center of Marina Piccola. Here if you are good swimmers, you can jump into the water and reach Faraglioni by swimming.
The Faraglioni
The imposing Faraglioni rocks where hundreds of Italian and foreign films have been set contributes to their worldwide fame. A romantic tradition requires the kiss of two lovers while passing through the arc the large rocks.