Cambodia is a travel destination that offers a giant mixture of different attractions. This is a country known for it is a natural beauty, the great nightlife in the city parts and stunning sandy beaches. Visiting Cambodia and exploring it for a while will give you the impression that you have been to more locations around the world. This is why lots of travelers choose to spend their vacation in Cambodia and have a great adventure. 
The largest part of the country and most of the population are working on the fields, fishing, farming, and feeding animals. The local Cambodian people are known for their simple life and seeking for happiness most simply. They live their life calm, away from the busy cities, taking care about their farms and fields. This is not the kind of job that makes them rich, but it makes them happy and keeps the economy of the country on a better level.
Farming and working in the fields is not the only thing that shows Cambodian people. Going to the cities will give you a different image of the country. This is completely different than the situation in the countryside. Going in the capital city Phnom Penh will show you the busy part of Cambodia. There is everything you will see in every other modern city in the world. Lots of tall buildings, great shopping malls and entertainment places which will make you spend a great vacation in the country.
The capital of Cambodia is one of the fastest developed cities in Indochina which was under the French colony. There are beautiful gardens, parks, roads are new and the buildings are modern. It is a city that was built out of nothing. It developing fast and it is visited by many tourists. Nightlife in Phnom Penh and generally in the larger cities in Cambodia is on a high level. There are lots of clubs and bars to go to and have fun. Local people are friendly and liberal, so having fun is something you will have for sure. It is a safe city that can be toured in a few days, but it will let you with great impressions and a desire to go back again someday.
Except for Phnom Penh, many other destinations in Cambodia deserve attention. Siem Reap is one of the most popular travel destinations in Cambodia these days. Its biggest attraction is the Angkor Wat temple. This Cambodian tourist attraction is visited by a large number of travelers from all around the world and because of that, there are lots of hotels and restaurants built around the temple so that there are enough accommodation places to gather all the tourists. The Angkor Wat is surrounded by dense forest and beautiful nature. This is the place that is most popular and probably the reason that Siem Reap is one of the top destinations in Cambodia. 
Beaches in Cambodia are attracting a huge number of travelers. The beaches here are beautiful, sandy surrounded by palm trees and crystal water, the dream of every traveler looking for tropical paradise destination. Accommodation around the beaches is affordable, there are hotels and villas for everyone’s taste and budget. Spending a vacation here will make you remember your holiday forever.
Except for beaches, waterfalls are some of the most attractive water destinations. Most of the waterfalls are located in the southeastern part of the country. They provide every visitor with peace and relaxation. Here you can enjoy the fresh air, swim, take pictures, and spend a great time.’