Belarus is a travel destination located in Eastern Europe which is popular as Europe’s vagabond state. This destination used to be part of Russia and that is why most popular and used languages in the country are Belarusian and Russian. The native language is preferable while local people communicate between them, but Russian is also used and almost everybody can speak it. The name of the country Belarus, when translated means “White Russia”. The countries that are neighboring Belarus are Poland from the western border, Ukraine from the south, On the north border there are Lithuania and Latvia and Russia covering the eastern border and part from the northeast. 
The country s officially known as the Republic of Belarus with Minsk as a capital city. Tourism is not the main economic branch in the country, but that doesn’t mean there are not any amazing tourist attractions to be seen. Tourists that are looking for a beautiful historical and architectural buildings and monuments, splendid nature, beautiful gardens, etc. are going to be surprised of the beauty of Belarus tourist attractions. On top of all, there are great accommodation deals all over the country. Hotels are very affordable if you travel alone or even better if you go with a group of tourists. 
Belarus is one of those countries that has a negative population growth rate and a negative natural growth rate. Less than ten million people are living in Belarus. The largest city in the country is the capital city, Minsk. This is the city that is the administrative and political center of the country. It has around two million people living there. Two rivers are going through the city: Niamiha and Svislach. The city is located in mixed forests, especially on the edges of the city, which is a reason why there are so many parks all over the city. It was easy for the authorities to adopt the forests into beautiful large parks.
Museums and castles are something that attracts most of the tourists in Belarus. The architecture of those historical buildings and monuments is amazing. If you want to learn the history of the country and the period of the Soviet Union, Belarus is a good destination to go. There are organized tours around the museums and castles, which will make it easy for you to learn lots of interesting historical facts. The rich cultural heritage will make you surprised and exploring Belarus may become a unique adventure for every traveler. 
The stunning nature in Belarus is something else that brings tourists for a trip here. The gorgeous scenery and the large range of wildlife is a reason enough for adventurists from everywhere to come and spend their vacation in some of the cozy villas located somewhere in the mountains all over the country. You will be able to witness beautiful lakes surrounded by deep forests, you can go hiking, running or walking surrounded only by beautiful nature. It is a great way to recharge your batteries and feel relaxed. In general, Belarus is one good looking travel destination that deserves to be seen if you are trying to go away from the busy summer resorts.