Hungary is another travel destination located in Central Europe that deserves full attention. This is a country that boasts some of the greatest tourist attractions in Europe and going there can be a real adventure. Incredible Castles, fortresses, World Heritage Sites, delicious specialties, unique museums, and many other unmatched places are going to welcome you in the beautiful land called Hungary. The country has one of the best looking capital cities in Europe – Budapest. The language is Hungarian and people there are very proud of it. It is original and unique and it is a universal language one doesn’t need to speak to appreciate. 
Hungary is not a large country, but it is one of the oldest countries in the European continent. It is located in the central part of the continent. The variability of cultures in the country is notable in every part of the country and you can tell that Hungary has an extremely rich history. There are places where you can see old Roman ruins that more than 2000 years old aligned side by side with monuments from the Turkish period which are old around 400 years. Some of those things are the reason why Hungary has always been visited by so many tourists every year. 
The most famous place in Hungary is the capital of the country. Budapest is one of those cities that offer attractions that you will be able to see in different cities. It is also called “The Danube Queen” or “Paris of the East”. Here you can see more at once. The city has everything, beautiful parks, amazing forests, incredible museums and most important the river Danube. It is the river that makes this city so special. There are boat tours all the time, so once you are there make sure you take a tour and see the most of the city. 
Other parts of the country are also something you should take a look at once you are there. There are plenty of wine-growing areas in Hungary so if you are interested in wine production, you should visit some of the local wineries and find out what are the secrets of the homemade wine in Hungary. The Mediterranean atmosphere and historical spirit of this country should not be missed. Other things that this beautiful country is famous for are the hundreds of therapeutic mineral springs that offer real peace and relaxation. 
Hungary is also known by the original cuisine and all the delicious specialties they have. Probably the most famous food coming from Hungary is the goulash, but if you ask me the best one is the paprika. Those are the best types of food, but if you ask local people they will tell you that Hungarian cuisine is much more than these two widely-known components. Once you are there you should try the modern Hungarian cuisine which is influenced by the light Mediterranean way of cooking as well as traditional regional specialties, which are delicious and distinctive. 
Hungary is the country where it is located the largest freshwater lake in the central part of Europe. It is called Balaton and it is the most popular place for a holiday in the country. The lake is also called the “Hungarian Sea”, and there are lots of tourists during the summer since the summer in Hungary is long and hot. The surrounding of the lake is amazing. You will be witnessing some of the most interesting historic and cultural heritage, rare natural treasures, and many other activities. There are restaurants and bars where you can have food and drinks, and the shores are customized for tourists to enjoy every moment spent there.