Located in the heart of the European continent, Poland is one of the best tourist destinations in the region if you like to spend a peaceful time and enjoy the cultural attractions this country has to offer, as well as the splendid natural landscapes. The geometrical centre of the European continent is located in Poland, near the capital of the country, Warsaw. This centre is actually the place where the imaginary lines from Cabo da Roca ( Portugal ) to Central Ural and from Matapan ( Greece ) to Nordkyn ( Norway ) are crossing.
Visiting Poland may be a great adventure. This country offers everything for everyone. One of the most important about this travel destination is that it is safe and people are warm and friendly. Many people say that Polish people are the friendliest people in Europe. If you are looking for a peaceful place to stay you can try visiting some of the mountain resorts in Poland. Those places have some of the greatest landscapes in the region. If you are looking for a party and a wild nightlife, there are clubs that will give you the greatest party ever. As we mentioned before, you shouldn’t be worried about the safety very much, but like in any other bigger city in the world, if you are in Warsaw, Poznan or other, try not to go alone in the nights.
Being in the centre of Europe makes Poland close to every country in the continent. Some of the greatest travel destinations in Europe, such as London, Paris, Barcelona which are not more than two hours away by plane, even more, near are located Vienna and the capital of Germany, Berlin. If you want to go there by plane, it will take you less than an hour. The international roads are in good shape, so driving is not a bad option as well if you want to visit Poland. The easy access to the country is something that tourists from Europe or the world value a lot and it is the main reason why their number had increased in the last years. 
Poland is a travel destination that has taken tourism seriously. They have the capacity to welcome more than half a million visitors at once, by offering them hundreds of different kinds of entertainment and leisure. The restaurants are offering various types of foods, but one thing you should not miss is the local specialities. Polish cuisine is delicious and you should try it. Some of the best they offer is “Pierogi”. This is a speciality made of cheese, potatoes, onions, cabbage, mushrooms, meat or other, and it is served steaming hot boiled or fried and almost always accompanied by sour cream. 
The climate in Poland is temperate. This destination is visited by tourists during all the year. There are perfect alpine mountains, deep forests, perfect places for hiking, amazing museums that reflect the history of the country, but the best of all are the natural lakes in the country. Lakes in Poland are probably one of the cleanest in Europe, and there are nice wide beaches that are well prepared to accept thousands of tourists during the summer, or even in other parts of the year when many people are renting some of the comfortable villas or cheap but nice hotels in the resorts around the lakes.
Other attractions in Poland are the small-time towns or the small villages. They are the best way to get away from the dynamic way of life and relax in peace away from the noisy cities and everyday problems. The best of all is that it is quite cheap and if you are travelling on a budget, it will be a perfect place to go. Since the greatest attraction in Poland is nature, this will allow you to enjoy some of the best landscapes in Europe. All of this, together with the warm and friendly local people will make you charge your batteries and go back to the routine in your life.