Madeira, Portugal

Located in a beautiful, legendary country of Portugal, Madeira has great deals to offer for its tourists. Madeira is an island in the Atlantic Ocean close to the European continent and West Africa. Madeira has splendid garden beauty, many historic sites, lovely landscape and coastal plains with beautiful beaches that make it perform brilliantly in its tourism sector. Madeira is an excellent place to enjoy long holidays and spicy festivals with the locals. 
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Madeira Island is blessed with a stunning mountainous region that also extends close to the coast. Some of the amazing sights are: Monte Village that provides a brilliant view of the whole capital city region of Funchal, the high cliff at the southern coast of the island, the Porto Moniz salty pools that are a result of volcanic activity in the island, and many blossoming flower gardens like the stylistic Monte Palace Gardens invented by Jose Manuel. 
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The capital city of Funchal is a nice place to trek around, dine in its exotic restaurants and hotels and buy trendy items in the shopping centers. There are many beaches around the island that attract millions of tourists during the summer holidays. The stunning mountain ranges close to the beaches, their green vegetation, the white-golden sand at the coast line and the wide, lavish blue Atlantic Ocean give the beach paradise scenery. Santa Cruz is a famous spot to visit because of its be-wildering beauty. 
Dive into cultural festivities of the island, tours around the island and take advantage of the adorable hospitality of this island. Sao Joao Festival at Porto Santo Island near Madeira Island is filled with much jovial fun, music and lots of colorful fireworks at night. The Madeira Wine Festival is a kind of honor of Madeira’s traditional custom of creating wine from its well tendered wine plantations. Tourists can also end every year with the vibrant End of Year celebrations that take place in this beautiful island.
At the south of Madeira Island is the largest city of the island with a sunny and pleasant climate both in the city and at its coast. Funchal city is a nice place to visit, walk around, dine the unique exotic Madeira dishes offered in the restaurants and even shop for many items that can act as a memory of the wonderful visit to this gorgeous island. 


Take part in a mountain climbing tour at the mountain ranges to satisfy you desire of climbing mountains. Enjoy riding in a cable car from a high peak to the famous Monte village of the mountains in a couple of minutes. This rude enables riders to have the wide, one-time view of the whole village. Join in the beach fun at the coast next to Funchal city. Here you can dive into the Atlantic Ocean, take on a boat ride around the ocean, surf in the ocean and snorkel the marine parks at the ocean to view the beautiful diverse species of sea animals and plants.
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This submarine structure consists of long geomorphological relief that extends from the abyssal plain to 3500 meters; its highest submersed point is at a depth of about 150 meters (around latitude 36ºN). The origins of the Tore-Madeira Ridge are not clearly established, but may have resulted from a morphological buckling of the lithosphere. 
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