Mexico is a reflection of the long-lived culture of the Native American communities. This nation is a famous tourist destination that places every kind of imaginable legends, natural beauty, and interesting history to the face of the tourism sector. Mexico has had thousands of tourists including movie stars and celeb artists visiting this region to enjoy their holidays, hence Mexico is a common name in the global tourism industry by serving as an important cultural center and a historic marker to Mexican society.
During the pre-colonial times, Mexico was inhabited by native Indian communities. The Aztec formed a large city at Lake Texcoco, which was transformed into Mexico City by the Spanish colonialist. The city including other nearby land and islands were considered to be a colony of Spain were joined together to form the Mexico colony. Mexico fought for independence for three centuries until in the nineteenth century when the Mexicans managed to gain their independence and liberty from Spanish control.
Mexico is a beautiful country with many wonderful natural features and species, adored Mexican culture, and numerous historic sites. Mexico has two types of beaches depending on the kind of Waterbody that faces its coastline. There are nice beaches on the Caribbean side of Mexico and the lively beaches on the Pacific side of the country. The surrounding vegetation of mangroves and palm trees manicures the coast with white sandy beaches and the lavish blue crystal waters of the sea. The Teotihuacan is a center establishes in the second century together with two large pyramids namely: the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon, which was completed by the fifth century. This park was established by the native Indians as a mark of their civilization. 
Snorkel or take a scuba dive into the marine parks at the Caribbean Sea and find good looking sea animal species like the turtles and dolphins. In the inland are amazing volcanic mountains known as the Sierra de Guanajuato. An old temple, El Castillo, whose structure is in the form of a pyramid with ninety-one steps upwards to its tip is visited at the Chichen Itza old town of the Mayans. Discover the common Mexican festival known as the Dead Festival in Oaxaca City where tombs are decorated and figs laid onto the tombs. 
There are many fun activities one can do while touring Mexico. The theme parks are useful to keep up the jovial mood. There are nature trips to realize the wildlife animal and plant species of the country as well as the unique natural surroundings of the country. The beaches bustle with much of the water sports like surfing and sailing along the sea.
Accommodation facilities in Mexico are uniquely offered in forms of exotic hotels, cabanas, haciendas, and posada. These facilities also offer spa treatments to help the visitors feel good and well fit during their stay in the country. The hotels and restaurants offer a wide variety of Mexican cuisine like the salsa dish.