Berovo Lake, Macedonia – place for peace and tranquility

Berovo Lake has a land square coverage of 0.57km2. This freshwater lake is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Republic of Macedonia. It is situated about seven kilometers away from the Macedonia-Bulgaria border and about six kilometers from the town of Berovo. Build-in 1970 the dam that created the lake stands at a height of 60m and is the largest arc dams in Macedonia. 
The lake is surrounded by evergreen and deciduous type species of forest protected by the Macedonian forestry police as illegal cutting down forested areas for fire is prohibited in most areas of the country. The lake is popular for sport fishing swimming and boat rides.
Many tourism facilities surround the lake. Therefore finding an accommodation facility should no be a problem. A right on the shores of the lake you will find restaurants, tourist huts and children’s resort, many villas for rent, and holiday houses.
If you love adventure then tacking a vacation to the Barolo Lake in Macedonia will give you one of the most rewarding experiences ever as there are many little beautiful palaces around the lake to explore and many fun activities to do.
Somewhere in between the lake and the town of Berovo, there is an active female monastery ‘’st Archangel Michael’’ which was built in 1815. Explore this lovely little piece of history and learn more about life in the region during the last century. You are also welcome to say a prayer.
If you love nature then you will love hiking through the adorable forest rich in a lush pine and deciduous trees that surround the lake. Come and marvel at the beautiful terrains filled with colorful flowers, forest fruits, and various herbs all beautifully laid out by God himself. Carry your binoculars as numerous bird species abound the forest. If you have a thing for bird watching then you will never be disappointed if you visit the forest.
If you fancy alternative medicine to the conventionally manufactured ones you won’t leave Berovo Lake without a form of medicine as many traditional medicines from natural ingredients for various diseases are made in the Berovo and Maleshevia regions. Some of the popular medicine with tourists are pine syrup or honey, the cure for respiratory diseases. Berovo white cheese is also well known for its superior taste which is due to the abundance of greenery, meadows, and pastures, as well as clean air.
On the lake itself, you could start by sport fishing which is very popular with both the tourist and the locals alike. You could also enjoy a boat ride as you enjoy the fresh air from the surrounding forests. Swimming is also a popular past time activity on the lake.
You could also leave the lake and explore the Berovo town. Go shopping around the town, treat yourself to a delicious Macedonian meal and visit one of the several night clubs in the town to have a test of the nightlife in Macedonia.