Western Samoa

Western Samoa is a group of islands that lies between Hawaii and New Zealand. It is also known as Western Samoa because it occupies the western part of the Samoa Islands. It is part of the Polynesian territory of islands located in the western part of the South Pacific Ocean. The Samoa Islands contribute a lot to its tourism sector. It has modernized facilities, well-established roads, an airport, and developed hotels, restaurants, and exotic accommodation facilities for its tourists. Their landscape is volcanic with interesting natural features and beautiful coastal beaches. Its capital city is called Apia City, which is on Upolu Island.

Samoa offers a wide range of accommodation facilities. In Apia City, there are high standard hotels and guesthouses, as well as in Upolu and Savaii. At the popular beach, sites are well-located beach resorts with relaxation facilities such as spa treatment services and large gorgeous swimming pools. Tourists can even take meals in these facilities at agreed terms of the provision of their services.

Nature tours to Upolu and Savaii have the right kind of the true nature of the Samoa Islands. Sights to see here are the forests, lakes and wildlife animals. The Falealupo Rainforest Reserve is a great place to hike and even camp. This reserve has many tree species, some of which can be used as a bed at their top part. Lake Lanoto National Park has fascinating goldfish marine creatures that were moved to the lake recently to add value to the lake, together with the leisure facilities around it.

Samoa has many waterfalls in Savaii and Upolu. Blowholes can also be seen on the coast. These are the hoes that run through the volcanic rocks. The ocean is claimed to be the source of the water that is blown out through the holes because the ocean’s pressure drives water through the holes using an automatic high force through the holes, hence the occurrence of blowholes. Many caves can also be seen and visited at the islands. Samoa Islands are volcanic islands. Some parts of Savaii have volcanic rocks densely scattered. The Matavanu Mountain can also be seen near the lava fields.

Samoa has many extensive white sandy beaches. The Indian Ocean creates a conducive environment for swimming, sailing, and surfing. Many marine sites are also available at the coast where tourists can practice scuba diving into the safe parts of the Indian Ocean to get a glimpse of wonderful marine species within the ocean. Many beach resorts with special dining facilities are available, as well as night clubs that even operate throughout the night.