Galapagos Island

Galapagos is a group of thirteen islands and more than forty islets located around the equator in the Pacific Ocean. It is a captivating archipelago with beautiful coastal features, cultural beauty, and one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. The thirteen unique islands of Galapagos are Espanola, Floreana, Genovesa, Isabela, Pinta, Pinzon, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Santiago, and Marchena. 

Galapagos is a region of numerous beautiful features and animal species that mankind can never turn its back on due to the value of their appearance. The mangrove lagoons on the coast are the only ones that you can never find so beautifully created in other parts of the world. Explore one of earth’s largest complete cactus forests, Opuntia Cacti Forest, the unique corals, and the waves of the shiny, turquoise Ocean. Attend nature tours across the islands and discover much of Mother Nature’s beauty on this planet. Visit the Darwin Crater Salt Water Lake, which lets you see the penguin’s pelican and foot crabs. The steep Genovesa tower in Genovesa Island is home to thousands of species of birds that you will enjoy watching on the tour across the island. 
Many species of the Galapagos ecosystem will accompany you into more adventures of the wildlife of this group of islands and islets. There are various species of birds, among them the flock of flamingos that dwell and migrate to and fro the islands. Check out the seals and penguins along the coastal shores. Snorkel into the Pacific Ocean and find out more about the marine species that the coastal regional waters have to offer to the tourism sector. 
Tortuga Bay and Gardner Bay Beach are just a few examples of the sunny season and cool breeze beach points in the Galapagos Islands. Here you will never miss enjoying snorkeling in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, diving, surfing on the waves of the ocean among other activities to keep you relaxed and happy throughout your stay in the Islands. There are varieties of animal species waiting to be seen and enjoy watching the brilliant creations of birds gracing the coast with their unique beauty. 
Hospitality in Galapagos Island is exotic and highly-rated in the worldwide tourism sector. Accommodation is abundant with luxurious hotels and resorts for tourists visiting the islands. Some clubs operate all night long. The dishes are rich in delicacy. Cultural dances are held occasionally in some hotels. The hospitality is acceptable and splendid!