In the North of the Old Lady, Continent is existing one of the most attractively snowy countries, Finland which is at the same time the greatest center of white tourism. Disposing of the most gorgeous sparkling lakes and wide forests Finland attracts a huge number of visitors who enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoor winter activities such as hiking, skiing, and fishing. The enigmatically mystery of the country is represented by the many cultural and architectural enticements as a very important part of its modern description. 
 The dramatic way of living in this Nordic country is a result of the total contrasts of the winter and summer periods attached to the day and night lights. When visiting Finland you can see the midnight sun in summer, but also feel the dark winter days. The Finnish are incredibly successful people in many significant fields such as science, technology, architecture, high-tech industries as well as the original music and designs. This large North-European country is full of exotic spaces and metropolises covered by the high standards of the modern life that are worth seeing.
Finland attracts a huge number of tourists offering many lovely destinations shining with their special inner glamour. One of them is the cheerful and vivid seaside city which is actually at the same time the former capital city of Finland. Turku abounds with its great historic culture combined with the interesting entertaining facilities and summer outdoor activities such as sailing, fishing, and kayaking. Another winsome destination is the completely modern city of Tampere where the shopping and partying never stops.
One of the most famous European metropolises and appealing attractive cities in the modern capital of Finland. Fashionable, but at the same time historic Helsinki caught the attention of most tourists around the world. The unusually beautiful surroundings consisted of hundreds of small, but overwhelming islands together with the epochal architectural museums and powerful history makes Helsinki pretty seductive to the foreign visitors.
Northern Finland is well-known as the Finish Lapland or the home of Santa Clause and the Sami culture. Together with the Kuusamo in the Northeastern part of the country are described by the dominant local culture and fascinating nature proposing different kinds of many entertaining and enjoyable outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, biking, fishing as well as snowmobiles safaris just to feel the outstanding personable natural beauty represented by highland lakes, open fells, and dense forests. Your journey to Finland will be recouped with the extraordinary saunas, outlandish ice hole swimming, and the unexpectedly surprising visit to Santa.
Is there any country in the world that is richer than Finland when talking about lakes? The answer is negative because of the unbelievable 50.000 lakes that complete its marvelous natural beauty. Many landmarked events make the singularity more prominent such as the famous Opera Festival in Savonlinna. The gratification is filled up with the lovely cruises in the Lake Saimaa and the River Vuoksi attached to the Karelian region that offers extreme rural culture and connected to the Aland Islands that constantly enshrine the refreshing sea air.
The best way to reach Finland is by air because of its location. The main airport is situated in Helsinki and connected with many Asian and European centers, but also there are international airports in the most visited destinations as Tampere, Turku, Oulu, and Vaasa that offer limited flights. Optionally, you can visit Finland by ferry from Russia, Estonia, Germany, and Sweden. Nevertheless, you can cruise on the Baltic Sea or to take the train from Russia.
The inner transport is organized by buses, trains, and air-plains to any place in the country. The conditions for traveling such as the roads and comfortable flights are almost excellent, but unfortunately it is reflected in their price. In terms of tourism, there are many high-standard hotels, motels, and restaurants that give full described touristic information and reviews.