Canberra, Australia

Canberra is the largest city in the Australian continent. It is by its far size and its royal qualities the capital city of Australia. Canberra City is located in the southern part of the New South Wales State of Australia. It has many attractions ranging from natural attraction sites, unique wildlife, and historic sites that many tourists look forward to meet. Canberra is a destination that attracts many tourists from all over the continent of Australia and abroad. 
There are two ways of entering Canberra City. The Canberra International Airport near the city serves flights between Canberra and major cities like Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville, Hobart, Perth, New castle, and Albury, in other states within Australia. Tourists in Sydney can also enjoy a train ride from Sydney to Canberra using the NSW Countrylink trains. If you like traveling on the road by bus, then buses can be boarded in Sydney’s Central Bus Station, Melbourne, Eden-South Coast, Bega and Cooma to arrive at Canberra’s bus terminal, which is the Jolimont Centre.
Tourists in Canberra have a wide range of options for the accommodation sites to spend their nights while touring Canberra. There are apartments, villas, resorts, and guesthouses available to be rented to visitors staying in Canberra. The facilities are modernized and tidy and some offer additional services like massage and spa treatments. 
The National Zoo and Aquarium at Weston Creek houses a large variety of animal species. The zoo has big cats like lions, tigers and cheetahs, the bears, elands, and many snake species. The aquarium on the other hand is a show of several aquatic species.  The National Museum of Australia can also be found in Canberra. It exhibits many ancient materials and historic items that tell a lot about the history of the Australian continent
Explore a large collection of flora species in the large botanical gardens in Canberra. These gardens are situated next to the Black Mountain. The gardens are beautiful fields to hang around with family and friends and go for a picnic. The National Gallery of Australia situated in Parkes venue exhibits various collections of artwork by major artists. This collection includes paintings and sculptures collected from within the Australian continent and other parts of the world. 
The National Portrait Gallery in Parkes displays many portraits of important famous people in Australia. These portraits are classified according to different periods of the Australian society. Venture into the dinosaur world by visiting the National Dinosaur Museum in the northern part of Canberra City. It has a large collection of the huge skeletons and simulated body structures of different types of dinosaurs. It is like traveling the millions of year’s journey back to the dinosaur era. Other human fossils and items from many archaeological sites in the Australian continent are also displayed in this museum. 
See many reptile animal species in the Canberra Reptile Sanctuary situated in the Gold Creek Village. The sanctuary is situated approximately thirteen kilometers north of Canberra City. Canberra City is a nice city to walk around. It has a large shopping mall to purchase high-quality items, many fine restaurants, and hotels to dine many local and international cuisines, theaters to watching movies as per their movie programs and clubs.