Berlin – The Capital of Germany

You do not need to wait for another FIFA Final to buy a ticket to Berlin. There are many more reasons for visiting the capital of Germany. Like every other modern city, Berlin can provide you a day full of amusing activities. This is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Germany offering tons of different activities that will make your stay pleasant and unforgettable.
The usual attractions like the planetarium, the zoo aquarium are a great start for your tour. The wax museum is a lot of fun as expected, as one can spend hours and hours taking pictures with the ”celebrities”. Berlin will keep your attention with its remarkable architecture and relaxing gardens. 
If you are a history fanatic, you are in the right place. Berlin has a very rich history, a fortunate circumstance for the museums which are full of exceptional exhibits. Berlin was the theater of the final battle in the notorious World War II. Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche is a memorial church, a testimony of the chaos that once ruled here. Opposed to that time, this densely populated city seems a very harmonious place now. Anyway, you should not be deceived by its calm appearance, as Berlin has numerous night clubs which keep the city energetic at night. 
Berlin has six districts, Mitte, City West, East Central, North, East, and South. Public transport is more than well-working. You will easily find information in English, but keep a transit map in your pocket, just in case. If you want to have Berlin on a plate, you should get on one of the Berlin Tours. In that way, you will not miss anything. Depending on your interest, you can choose tours from several companies. Water tours are also available. 
Berlin was a place of recent political events and all that has contributed to what this city is today: a symbol of new beginnings, changes, and unification. Soon after the Berlin Wall was torn down, the two very different eastern and western sides of Berlin merged. Even though the western part is preferred by most of the tourists, it does not mean that the eastern one is less beautiful. 
There, in the Mitte district, you can find Alexandar Platz and the Brandenburg Gate, two famous tourist sites. Close to Alexandar Platz, you can see the radio tower tearing up the sky. It is worth mentioning that this is the tallest building in Germany and it also functions as a restaurant. The western, or so to say, the more popular part of Berlin hosts luxurious hotels in Charlottenburg, posh shops, and the wonderful Schloss Charlottenburg Palace.
Theater plays, concerts and other cultural events are common pastimes of Berliners, so you may want to check some of those while there. The streets of Berlin are crowded during all kinds of parades, carnivals, and festivals throughout the year. The Berlin Film Festival or the Berlinale is by far the most special event in the calendar of cultural happenings. History, culture, fun, and relaxation is what Berlin offers to tourists. It has a lot to show to its guests and that makes it among the most popular destinations in Europe. One visit is not enough for sure. Berlin will make you came back.

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