Achenkirch, Austria

Mysterious and romantic, Achenkirch is situated at the foot of Rofan Mountains and near the shores of Lake Achensee in Austria, it is a crossroad of tourism and pleasure. Achenkirch is located near Karwendel nature reserve, and it is most popular holiday resort in Europe. Offers excellent ski environment and hotel accommodations, coming visitors from many countries, return season after season here to relax, have fun, and experience adventure. 
The Lipizzan farm which is the biggest one in Austria offers to the tourists to enjoy on this natural beauty during their vacation there. This beautiful resort is suitable for beginners, advanced skiers, as well as for professionals in the alpine and Nordic categories.
Achenkirch and its component localities Achensee, Achental and Eichenwald, Scholastika are situated at the northern lakeside of Lake Achensee, and whole territory of this touristic destination extends from Lake Achensee to the Bavarian border. In 1971 the name of this beautiful resort was changed from Achental to Achenkirch. Many famous and successful Austrian people as authors, actors and play writers were born here.
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Achenkirch have historic monuments dating from the 18th, 19th and 20th century, there is a parish church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist which is built in 1748. Also what is worth to visit on this touristic destination is the fascinating wine tavern from the 15th century, which is renovated now. The very interesting building it is the Salztadel building, where the salt merchants were had meetings, but today this building it is a private property. 
If you want to go to Achenkirch, there are various options to get there. The Munich airport in Germany, Innsbruck airport and Salzburg airport are the nearest airports to get to this popular holiday resort. But also there is other ways to get by car, by train to Jenbach train station and then to continue your traveling by bus or a taxi, for those tourists who will continue their traveling by bus from Jenbach to Maurach, Achenkirch, Steinberg and Pertisau is free, because the price for bookings in the hotels include a complimentary ticket for traveling by bus between the mentioned towns during the time of their stay. 

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