Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Sunny Beach is a large beach resort in Bulgaria. It is popular for its water sports activities, pleasant sunny climate, many high-class hotels, clubs, and shopping centers within it. Sunny Beach has been one of the major attractions in the global scene. The Black Sea at the coast is conducive to practice many water sports. Sunny Beach is also a historic area as it showcases many historic sites preserved as one of the important heritage sites in Bulgaria. 
Other attractions are the amusement parks within the vicinity of the beach. There is an airport near the beach known as Burgas Airport which enables tourists from different parts of Bulgaria and those arriving at Bulgaria through international airways to conveniently access the Sunny Beach Resort. When the tourists arrive at the Burgas Airport, they can hire a taxi or use public transport that will take them to the road entrance of the beach resort.
Sunny Beach is a big beautiful beach. It is a five-mile white sandy beach. The blue sea is a brilliant sight to admire while resting on the sands. Sunny Beach can be said to be a city by itself because it has all the facilities that can be found in any inland city including a bus station. All around, bright-colored restaurants, large hotels, bars, and clubs can be seen. Many vendors take the opportunity of reaching this large market of tourists by selling their quality items at the beach. Near the beach is a place known as Primorsko where a large river, the Ropotamo River, drains its waters into the Black Sea. Tourists have the chance to see one of the major water sources of the Black Sea at this sight.
Nesebar Town is one of the neighboring towns to the Sunny Beach Resort. This town is a heritage site, t used to be commercial center many centuries ago. The remains of this ancient town are old buildings and streets. Another old city near the sunny beach is the city of Varna. It is located along the Black Sea coast. Many cathedrals found in this town date several centuries back. The unique Roman bath sites are still present in the town. A cultural trip into this town assists in explaining the traditional culture of the local, coastal, Bulgarian residents.
Amusement parks can be found within the vicinity of the beach. The Kuban and Action Aqua parks have a simulated water sports field and swimming pools for guests to enjoy many water games. Horrorwood is a park near Pirin Hotel that drives out your fears of ghosts and zombies as it is a haunted place with structures that resemble ghosts and skeletons with scary sounds within it. It is a fun place to experience.
Golf lovers will never miss a chance to play the game at Sunny Beach. There is a golf center near Helios Palace Hotel with golf training and a large space field for playing golf. There are so many things to do at the sunny beach that you will ever find yourself idle. Bask in the summer sun, sandcastles, skiing in the sea, diving, horse-riding, surfing, and power-boat riding among others.
There are snorkeling sites nearby to enable tourists to get the closest view of the marine environment and its glamorous aquatic species in the sea. The hotels avail many unique delicious cuisine including the international dishes professionally cooked by their skilled chefs. Some hotels on the beach like the Victoria Palace Hotel, offer exquisite relaxation services such as spa treatment services.
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