Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

As one of the coastal cities of Quintana Roo state of Mexico, Playa De Carmen is one of the major and most popular cities in Mexico well known to foreign tourists and local Mexicans for its amazing attraction sites and fun activities. Playa Carmen lies south of Cancun at the Yucatan Peninsula that stretches into the Gulf of Mexico. The Cancun International Airport is the arrival point for tourists traveling from states abroad. From the airport, they can take whether a taxi or bus for a ride to Playa.
Near the Playa, the coast is a beautiful island called Cozumel. This is the best where many water activities take place. Many ships are camped at the bay of this island. There are many points in this island where tourists can snorkel or scuba dive into the sea to get in touch with the colorful marine ecosystem and view many species of fish and other aquatic animals and plants. Get a chance to interact with dolphins in many dolphin parks on the island like the Xel-Ha Dolphin Aquarium.
Playa Del Carmen is also an ancient town itself because there are other ancient structures still standing and preserved as important heritage sites. The pyramids are a major attraction in this old city. The largest pyramid among all ancient pyramids that can be found in Mexico is in Playa.
Playa also has a nature park where various indigenous species of flora and fauna can be found. One of the famous animal species of the region is the Aktun Chen Monkey whose body resembles a squirrel but its face and its behavior is that of a monkey.
It is at the Playa del Carmen’s extensive coastal waters that tourists can find the meeting point of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Many people claim that fishing at the meeting point is a big struggle, a myth to find out. Many fishing boats are offered to any visitors who would like to catch some fish in the sea.
Playa Del Carmen is lovely for its pretty horses. Tourists can enjoy riding on the horses at the beach or in the safeguarded nature parks in the vicinity of the city. Other activities are sky diving, water skiing in the lagoons, swimming in the gorgeous swimming of the exotic beach resorts and hotels in Playa.
Accommodation is available at the Playa Coastal Town. There are splendid villas, holiday houses, well-equipped apartments in big hotels, and beautiful cottages for visitors to select and use to spend their nights. Other hospitality services like spa treatments and special varieties of Mexican dishes are offered in plenty to satisfy the customers.
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